Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Lady and the TrampCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Lady and the Tramp

By Hope Ankney

Get ready for another animated Disney re-make! Lady and the Tramp is the next film to be offered a reboot, but unlike its predecessors, it won’t be coming out in theaters. It’ll be offered through Disney’s newest streaming service starting on November 12th. Don’t worry, though. The adored movie will still stick to its classic story-line. The journey follows a pampered Cocker Spaniel named Lady whose life is ripped away from her once her owners have a baby of their own. She goes through certain circumstances that lead her onto the streets, where she meets the tough and brawny stray dog, Tramp, who comes around to protect her. Soon enough, a romance between the two starts to blossom, but the differences in who they are and where they come from threaten to keep them apart.

Check out our movie review for Lady and the Tramp, a perfect film for the whole family!

Should you see it: If you were already a fan of the beloved classic, love a good, family-friendly movie that caters to all ages, adore dogs, or are always up for a heart-warming experience, you should definitely consider seeing this film. And, unlike other animated remakes that Disney has done, Lady and the Tramp feature real dogs and isn’t made up of mostly CGI!

Who to take: This movie is perfect for any family outing with the kids, your friends when you’re wanting to experience nostalgia, or even as a light rom-com for a casual date night! The story-line is made to entertain everyone that sees the film which makes it an easy and enjoyable watch for anyone who is even slightly interested!

Cupid’s Advice:

Lady and the Tramp is known for how it marries a child-like adventure story with an unforgettable romance. Always acting as a loose interpretation of Romeo & Juliet, it focuses on how differences between two people can hinder the success of a budding relationship. If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you and your partner have major differences between both of you, don’t automatically call it quits! Cupid has some relationship advice on how to stay together even when it seems like you’re differences can tear you apart:

1. Talk about expectations/differences and negotiate: It’s tough to have a conversation about expectations in a relationship. It’s even harder when that conversation steers towards things that bother you about certain aspects between you and your significant other. But, having these hard discussions can help you and your partner grow stronger. Work together when it comes to making decisions and following through on expectations. It’s a good start to being able to have differences and disagreements that don’t, ultimately, feel like a personal attack anytime they’re brought up.

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2. Let the differences be a positive thing: Depending on the circumstances, some differences can actually be good to have in a relationship. Being with someone who shares the same opinion or values about everything as you do can actually be quite boring and bland. Differences between two people give texture to the romance and can make the relationship fun and exciting. You should always be growing and changing in your relationships, so being with someone who shows you new ways to perceive life and opens you to new experiences is always something you should be looking for.

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3. Only compromise when it’s worth it for both of you: There’s no such thing as a relationship without compromise. But, you should never find yourself in a relationship that has you compromising more than the other person. Every couple handles differences and the compromises to those differences in unique ways. So, the key to having a healthy and successful relationship is to find ways where compromise doesn’t seem like a bad thing, and it can help both of you to become happier and better people.

What are some ways you’ve found a way to stay in relationships despite your differences? Let us know below!