Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Bachelor’ Alum Tia Booth and Boyfriend Cory Cooper Split After 1 Year TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Bachelor’ Alum Tia Booth and Boyfriend Cory Cooper Split After 1 Year Together

By Ahjané Forbes 

Tia Booth is singing “Single Ladies” in celebrity news after ending her relationship with her celebrity ex, Cory Cooper. The two had dated for a year before their split. According to, Chad Johnson, a Bachelor Nation alum, publicly accused Booth of cheating on Cooper. The reality TV star responded to Johnson’s acquisitions, asking if his Instagram had been hacked. Booth  released a statement on Instagram, saying, “I am fine. He is fine. At this stage of life, we are better as friends. He is a very private person and will freak when he reads this, but I wanted to address it myself.”

In celebrity break-up news, Tia Booth hesitantly confirmed her split on social media. What are some factors to consider before sharing relationship details on social media?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Making a break-up known can be hard. Whether it not to rip off the band aid and share it on social media is a tough decision. Cupid has some advice on how to post the ending of your relationship online:

1. Are you ready to admit that it is over?: Your feelings matter. How you move forward with the way you tell people about your ex is your decision. You don’t owe anyone any explanations. Also, if it wasn’t clear to you if you can rekindle this relationship, talk to your ex about it. Don’t say anything until you’re positive that it is truly over.

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2. If your ex is ready to share: Believe it or not some people would rather keep every detail of their life private. A breakup is no different. You both should agree on the way that you want to tell others that you are no longer together.

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3. How will you tell the whole world?: You don’t want to air your dirty laundry on social media. Try to do this from a professional standpoint. This is easier said than done, but using words like “we  have come to a mutual agreement” or “we value each other and always will, but…” This shows maturity and will not make either party a target for trolls.

How would you post your breakup on social media? Join the conversation in the comments below!