Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Healthy Thanksgiving Meal AlternativesCupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Healthy Thanksgiving Meal Alternatives

By Hope Ankney

Thanksgiving is a time where families come together, memories are made, and a delicious meal is prepared. But, what do we all know too well about this holiday? We know the overstuffed feeling of eating too much food, lying on the couch, and unbuttoning our jeans. The food served during the holidays, but especially around Thanksgiving, are carb-loaded and act as a gateway to long-term consequences if you’re not careful. So, implementing a tradition of healthier food choices for your holiday meals can stop the overeating misery you experience every year and even keep your waistline in check.

Food Tips: Thanksgiving is a holiday known for its huge feast. What are some small changes you can implement for a healthier Thanksgiving meal?

Now, we’re not saying to deprive yourself of all the goodies that Thanksgiving has to offer on the dining table, but try to switch out one or two dishes for something a bit healthier. Nothing too drastic, but make sure these meal alternatives won’t have you wishing you hadn’t eaten it hours later. Who knows, maybe Cupid’s food tips on some healthier Thanksgiving Day plates will even become a traditional meal prepared in your home for years to come:

1. Pumpkin soup: Is Thanksgiving complete if you’re not at least biting into something pumpkin-flavored? An easy dish to prepare, pumpkin soup packs all the flavor and all the filling of any other pumpkin recipe. By using this recipe from, you’ll have a delicious, well-spiced curry soup in only 25 minutes!

2. Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon: Sweet potatoes are featured in many Thanksgiving dishes. It’s most well-known for the tasty sweet potato casserole that is a staple to the holiday. If you’re looking for a healthier option, don’t worry, a simple roasting of these potatoes with a slight drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon will be just as delicious as any dessert there.

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3. Vegan stuffing: This alternative might not look much different than the regular, but it is much healthier for you. Taking away the butter and eggs, you’re still able to get a flavorful dish that reminds you of the holidays. The has a recipe that even features green tea to give it an earthy kick that chicken stock or vegetable stock won’t give you.

4. Thanksgiving cauliflower: This might not sound appealing, but trust us on this. With the recipe provided by, it’ll be a crowd favorite during the holiday. Pouring gravy on top of the cauliflower will make everyone forget about looking for the mashed potatoes.

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5. Apple nachos: When it comes to desserts, it’s difficult to steer away from all the pies and cakes that are served on Thanksgiving. But, apple nachos can be the one thing that saves that dessert table. Obviously healthier than a pie, this dish from can be prepared in minutes flat and have your guests coming back for more. It’s a fun and creative recipe that you can mix and match every time you make it.

What are some healthy meal alternatives you prepare for Thanksgiving? Let us know!