Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 5 Fashion Staples Exclusively for Plus Size WomenCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: 5 Fashion Staples Exclusively for Plus Size Women

By Hope Ankney

Step aside, size zeroes; this guide is specifically for those beautiful plus size ladies out there looking to expand their wardrobes. These five fashion staples are must-haves for plus size ladies everywhere and will help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. Not to mention, we’ve included a few fashion tips for every occasion, so whether you’re headed to the club for an after-work celebration or attending the biggest meeting of your career, you’ll look great and feel just as good. 

Fashion Tips: Feel beautiful in your skin with these five fashion staples for plus size women!

Plus size ladies should have at least five essentials in their wardrobe to keep things versatile and fashionable at the same time. Whatever size or shape you are, something like a pencil skirt, tailored dress or good accessories (see here for some unique pieces) can make you feel as good as you look, and that’s something that simply doesn’t have a price on it:

1. Dark or medium-wash jeans: Dark or medium-wash jeans tend to accent the best parts of your curvature and should be a staple in every plus size wardrobe. Darker jeans are slimming, creating a more form-fitting look so you can show off the beauty of your size and shape with a fashionable and versatile bottom that you can pretty much wear with anything. 

Denim is always a staple in any closet, but good denim is a must for plus size ladies. We’ve all had the misfortune of purchasing department store jeans that just don’t fit right. Instead of venturing into the unknown at a department or clothing store, buy exactly what you need online. Designer plus size women’s clothing is available online from dozens of retailers, offering a more customized and fashionable range of options than your department stores will carry. 

2. Pencil skirts: What’s the best way to show off those curvaceous hips? With a pencil skirt, of course. These sleek, stylish additions to your wardrobe hug your body in all the right places, and darker colors can be slimming to your figure. Pencil skirts are the perfect addition to a plus-size lady’s wardrobe, providing a formal bottom for any occasion. 

Don’t be afraid to accent your wider hips or thighs, ladies! A pencil skirt will curve around your body in all the right ways, helping you to feel more confident about yourself and turning heads all around you. Pencil skirts are probably the simplest solution we can offer to help accentuate your best curves and iron out your wardrobe options. Best of all, you can even wear them to work (most of the time). 

3. A simple two-piece suit: If you work in an office or other professional environments, sometimes you need to dress up. Whether you’re meeting a new client, or just running the day’s budget meeting, you want to dress for success; and nothing says success better than a two-piece suit. You can also choose to match separates to give the illusion of a tailored suit. 

Mix and match different formal pieces, or simply purchase a pre-made two-piece suit so you have what you need for the formal occasions in your life. The best way to wear a suit is to have it tailored first; no matter what size you are. A tailored suit will fit your body better, feel more comfortable, and look ten times better than an un-tailored one. 

4. A tailored dress: Speaking of tailored, dresses also look best on plus-size ladies when they’re tailored to your specific measurements. Often, you’ll find dresses at the mall or department stores that are simply labeled “XL” or “XXL”. This leaves little room for interpretation, and the dress will often be too large and not form-fitting at all. You want your dress to conform to your body and show off your lovely curves, not fall around you like a blanket. 

Getting your dress tailored ensures it will fit correctly and that you’ll feel comfortable wearing it. After all, no one likes to feel like their clothes don’t fit right, and plus size ladies especially always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion. This is when it’s a good idea to visit an online retailer that specializes in plus size clothing. Department stores simply won’t have the range of options that an online retailer has available. Not to mention, online plus size clothing brands cater to specific shapes and body sizes rather than taking the “one size fits all” approach many department stores follow. 

5. Patterned tops: Patterns like plaid or polka dots can bring just the right amount of attention to your upper body and provide a definitive separation of your top and bottom. Choose designs that are simple and not overly-colorful, such as a white blouse with black polka dots. This look can be combined with either a good pair of denim jeans (or a denim skirt) or even a pencil dress to help really accentuate your curvature. 

If you’re a beautiful, plus-sized woman, what are your favorite fashion essentials? Let us know down below!