Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Fall Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Fall Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving Dinner

By Ahjané Forbes

Just because you have to switch up your makeup slightly does not mean you can’t still look on fleek. It’s very easy if you use the mauve color palette and don’t mind mixing and matching colors. Cupid has some beauty tips you can use to look stunning while eating a turkey leg.

You want to look cute for the family photos, but you’re not sure what type of makeup you should wear. How can you archive a fierce Fall look for Thanksgiving? Here are some beauty tips.

1. Arch those brows: Finding a perfect way to do your eyebrows is a process. Make sure you shape your eyebrows before you start. You can shape them yourself with an eyebrow shaver or go to a salon to get them threaded or waxed. Eyebrow crayons are also a good option, because they are made to last longer than eyebrow pencils and are a lot easier to use. Brushes are also a big help in volumizing those fine hairs. If you are one of those people who hate the eyebrow styling process entirely, you can try a tint and sculpting or microblading at a salon.

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2. Natural colored eyeshadow: Start with an eyeshadow that is close to your skin complexion. Apply a deep red or orange around the outer portion of your eyelid. You can get creative and mix a nude with a dark red or brown to add an outline to the lower portion of the lid. Blend all the colors together and see how it looks. If you really want your look to pop, add a glittery gold eyeshadow on the section that still has that natural look. Don’t forget to add lashes as well!

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3. Bare those nudes!: Fall is a time to embrace your skin color. Match your skin tone and work from there! Add your primer. For your foundation, you can use color! Again, you don’t want it to look bright, but you can get away with a dark color. Use a burgundy or mahogany for the foundation. Yes, it will look weird at first, but you you’ll end up blending it. Now, apply concealer. This is where you can get away with a little color to blend out that foundation. Choose a shade up from your normal color. Make sure to apply it under your eyes! Use a brush for application and a beauty blender to even out the colors.

4. Highlight your beauty: Even though you’re trying to obtain a subtle look, you can still use a little highlighter. Use a contour that closely matches your hair color. Work with the glitter eyeshadow that you used on your eyes. You can go for a softer look with a highlight that isn’t so bright as well. For it to be more noticeable, apply it above your contour, straight down your nose, and outline your top lip and under your eyebrows.

5. Kiss me: You have freedom in this part! Glossy and matte lipsticks both work for this look. Stick to the Fall theme by wearing a dark red or brown. If you used mahogany or burgundy for your foundation, bring your look full circle with that color! When done, you can use a setting power (lasts longer) or spray to savor the look!

Now you’re ready to spend time with your family and look absolutely fabulous! Let us know how you plan to turn heads at the dinner table in the comments below.