Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: The JokerCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: The Joker

By Hope Ankney

If you’re looking for a dark and psychologically thrilling film to jumpstart Halloween, Joaquin Phoenix’s adaptation of The Joker is the perfect one for you. The film focuses on the origin story of the infamous DC comic villain, and his descent into chaos and madness. Arthur (The Joker’s given name) has never felt like he genuinely fit into society. As a failing comedian, he tries to find purpose on the streets of Gotham City. Yet, he continuously feels the need to wear two masks- one for his day-job and the other to try to fit into the framework of the world that has, overtly, rejected him. The only person who has shown Arthur any sense of empathy and kindness is his neighbor, Sophie Dumond. They form a connection as she tries to help better his circumstances and make him feel less alone. Unfortunately, this comes on the heels of his descent into the madness that ultimately transforms him into the criminal mastermind we now know him to be as The Joker.

Check out our movie review on The Joker, a psychologically-gripping movie for you and your friends if you’re trying to jumpstart the Halloween spirit!

Should you see it: If you’re a fan of DC comics, dark thrillers, themes of isolation and empathy, or you’re just are looking for something creepy enough for the spooky month of October, definitely go see it. Besides, there’s something oddly reassuring about the relationship forged between Arthur and Sophie, a certain kindness for those struggling that isn’t reciprocated nearly enough these days.

Who to take: The Joker is rated R, so consider taking your friends or a date that loves dark and gritty films! Be wary of the violence, but be ready for a lot of good and tense cinema.

Cupid’s Advice:

Even though the movie doesn’t entirely focus on the connection that transpired between Arthur and Sophie, it is one that we think is an important aspect to take note of! Our main character is susceptible to falling through the cracks, yet Sophie takes it upon herself to reach out her empathy and understanding of his isolation to try and help him in any way she can. This can also be said for any relationship where one of you is struggling more than the other. Being in a partnership comes with its ups and its downs, and sometimes we need our significant other to be that Sophie Dumond for us when we’re feeling down. Here’s Cupid’s love advice on how to be there for your partner when they’re going through a tough time:

1. Be fully present when they want to talk to you: Not everyone wants to talk about their situation when they’re struggling, but if your partner does come to you at some point to discuss their hardships, make sure you’re there for them. Giving your significant other the undivided attention they deserve when they’re speaking out about their circumstances is incredibly important for them to feel supported by you.

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2. Empower them, even if it’s in small ways: Sometimes, a partner can be less than motivated to do even the smallest of tasks when they’re down. But, if you keep encouraging them to complete something and make them feel worthy when they do, this can go a long way for helping them realize their worth and purpose. This can be as mundane as answering emails, cooking a meal, or even running some errands. Productivity can make a huge difference when someone is having a tough time.

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3. Let them know they’re not alone: Adversity can cause people to have a negative view of themselves and their lives. As a partner, you must be able to validate their feelings while also letting them know they aren’t going through this alone. Relationships are built on the foundation of being a team. Whatever happens to one affects the other. Help them not to lose sight of that.

How have you supported your partner when they’ve been going through a hard time? Tell us down below!

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