Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Five Halloween Makeup Trends for 2019Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Five Halloween Makeup Trends for 2019

By Hope Ankney

Every year there are new ideas for what to dress up as for Halloween. With the ever-changing pop culture landscape, new beauty trends rise to tackle different characters and costumes that premiered that year. In 2019, we had a lot of creativity come out of binge-able television series’ and even memes that focused on more eccentric levels of eye shadows and color. If you are a beauty lover, you’ve probably noticed how makeup has been a leading force in embodying these wild and creative looks. If anything, 2019 is the best year for getting weird and wacky with your makeup inspo for Halloween.

2019’s beauty trends are eye-catching this Halloween. What are some of the most creative, pop culture makeup looks to try this year?

If you’re wondering what to wear or who to be on Halloween night, why not look towards some of the biggest makeup trends that this year had to offer? If anything, these makeup looks are taken from some of the biggest and most widely-talked about pieces of pop culture in 2019. Here is some beauty advice to get your creative juices flowing for absolutely killing your look this spooky season:

1. Euphoria-inspired: Zendaya and cast really turned up the volume on makeup styles once Euphoria hit HBO this summer. The show, which follows Zendaya’s character in high school, tackles controversial topics like sexual assault and drug abuse among teenagers. The beauty looks in the show were something that hadn’t been explored before in a television series, and it’s something that really distracts from how tense the plot can be. If you want to recreate one of these bold looks this Halloween, look to sequins, glitter, and bright colors for eye shadow and face art to feel like you’re apart of Euphoria, yourself.

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2. The E-Girl: With the surge of popularity that hit the app Tik-Tok the past few months, so did a surge of popularity in a type of makeup look deemed the “E-Girl.” Many girls that were going viral on the app had a similar sense of makeup that focused on blush-tinted noses and eyeliner drawings underneath the eye. It is all very doll-like, and it can be as creative as you wish it to be. If you think you can replicate an E-Girl for Halloween this year, there’s tons of inspo and tutorials on YouTube to choose from.

3. Ariana Grande: Of course, every year there are those that choose to dress up as some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. But, with Ariana Grande, she gave so many unique styles in 2019, that it would be a shame if they weren’t utilized in a gorgeous Halloween look. With the release of her single “7 Things,” it’s a fun idea to try and recreate what she was going for in the music video. Besides snagging a similar outfit, try tying your hair up in space buns and swiping on Grande’s signature cat-eyeliner with a gold dusting of highlighter.

4. ’80s trends of Stranger Things: The highly anticipated release of the third season of Stranger Things was met with an even better style, letting the kids flourish in 80’s fashion. Eleven, as played by Millie Bobby Brown, got a superb makeover in the mall that is as retro and spunky as it can get. Many costumes and Halloween looks play off of different decades, but if you want to set yourself apart, try your hand at some neon eye shadow and bright rouge, and if you want everyone to know who you’re trying to emulate, dab a little fake blood under your nose. Ya know, for Stranger Things.

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5. Eccentric rave-looks: Coachella and other big-name music festivals always bring out the creative side of those who attend. From the dazzling outfits to the wild and wacky makeup that glitters in the sun, there’s nothing better than recreating a festival look for Halloween night. Confetti eyes and glitter lips are two of the biggest trends that came from these events in 2019. To achieve these looks, apply tiny-sequins to your eyes and face with eye-lash glue while peppering your lips with mouth-safe glitter that looks like someone just blew sparkle in your face.

What are some makeup trends you’re raving about for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!