Cupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Wedding: Princess Beatrice Is Engaged to Property Tycoon Edoardo Mapelli MozziCupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Wedding: Princess Beatrice Is Engaged to Property Tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

By Hope Ankney

In royal celebrity wedding news, Princess Beatrice is engaged to property tycoon Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The Duke and Duchess of York even took to Instagram to congratulate the two, ending the sweet message by stating the wedding will be held in 2020. According to, when asked about the engagement, the royal celebrity couple gushed, saying, “We are extremely happy to be able to share the news of our recent engagement. We are both so excited to be embarking on this life adventure together and can’t wait to be married. We share so many similar interests and values and we know this will stand us in great stead for the years ahead, full of love and happiness.”

There’s another royal celebrity wedding in the works! How do you know your partner wants to marry you for the right reasons?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but knowing when a long-term partner is wanting to marry you for the right reasons can be harder to decipher than one might think. Walking down the aisle is a big commitment, and it’s important to know that your significant other is in it for the same reasons you are. If you’re thinking about marriage, but you don’t know exactly how to tell if your partner is sincere, don’t fret! Luckily, Cupid has some love advice that will help you know if your partner is the real deal or not:

1. They make future plans with you in them: Let’s be honest, most people don’t talk about things they would rather not entertain. But, if your partner has been making plans about their future and you’re apart of it, this could be a great way to know that they’re marrying you for the right reasons. Bringing up future plans, in general, is a good sign in knowing how much they trust you, as well. They’re opening their thoughts to your opinion about something important to them because they value it that much!

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2. Other people tell you that they brag about how great you are when you’re not around: An important part of a relationship is in how that person treats you when you’re not there. How do they talk about you? How do they discuss your relationship? If friends, coworkers, and family alike speak up about how highly they praise you outside of being together, it’s a sign that they’re in the relationship for the right reasons. Your spouse should be one of your favorite people, so make sure they’re just as great without you as they are with you before saying “I do.”

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3. They don’t run when things get tough: All relationships have their ups-and-downs. It’s just in how you handle them that tells how healthy your relationship is. Challenges never fully disappear, and the longer you’re together, the more challenges you’ll face together. During these trying times, if your partner is determined to stay by your side and stick it through, that’s a great indication that they’re marrying you for the right reasons. Never commit yourself to anyone who runs when things get tough.

How have you felt that your partner was marrying for the right reasons? Tell us down below!