Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Trend: 6 Wellness Vacations You Need to Take Right NowCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Trend: 6 Wellness Vacations You Need to Take Right Now

By Emily Green

Wellness vacations are a growing trend that is popping up all around the world. These vacation destinations tend to range from tropical, to exotic, to simply traveling to a new city. No matter the destination, these wellness vacations are sure to help improve your health, body and mind.

Wellness vacations are a growing trend all around the world. What are six wellness vacations you should take right now?

If you’ve been feeling tired or run down, a wellness vacation is the perfect thing in which to indulge. A wellness vacation will help improve your overall health, no matter the issue. Here are Cupid’s top six wellness vacations you should take right now:

1. Mii amo, Sedona, Arizona: In the beautiful mountains of Sedona, Arizona, Mii amo is an adobe and stone sanctuary within Enchantment Resort. Whether staying for three, four, or seven nights, you can indulge yourself with learning about chakras, sound healing, and much more around the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

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2. Six Senses Duxton, Singapore: Six senses is a wellness resort that has locations in almost every part of the world. The Duxon location is a 49 room hotel that is full of colonial era European, Chinese and Malay influences. This resort offers an on-staff traditional Chinese doctor, who is be available for health tips, readings, and dispensing medicinal herbs.

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3. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Miami Beach: Even though Miami is typically a spot for partying, Miami Beach is home to great wellness resorts. The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is in a secluded spot on the North Beach where guests can choose from more than 200 weekly wellness classes, a copious amount of cardio equipment, and several pools, all attended by numerous staff members including nutritionists and acupuncturists.

4. The American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin: What is interesting about The American Club is that it was originally built for Kohler factory workers, but was transformed into a wellness resort in the 1980s. People who choose to stay at the resort can enjoy legendary water-inspired offerings, like the signature lavender rain therapy, which exfoliates and moisturizes the body.

5. Amanyara, Turks & Caicos: Surrounded by parkland on all sides, surfing, snorkeling and wildlife eco-hikes are common activities for those who stay at Amanyara. Within the resort, there are plenty of activities meant for families like facials, shiatsus, and many more spa treatments.

6. Rosewood Phuket, Thailand: Made up of 71 open villas and pavilions, this wellness resort is unlike any other. Guests can sign up for two-week wellness programs, from high-intensity boot camps to inner peace workshops.

What are some other wellness vacations we should take? Let us know in the comments below!