Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Health Benefits of Luxury TravelCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Health Benefits of Luxury Travel

By Katie Sotack

Can luxury travel be self-care? In 2017, CNN published the article “Travel Makes Us Happy”, but as it turns out, the ignition of our senses by new experiences makes us happy. Recent wellness luxury travel has entered the market as a health trend for those who want to increase their sense of well-being. These luxury vacations aim to go beyond experiential travel, instead of immersing the traveler in the transformational experience of travel and leading to personal fulfillment.

Here are some travel tips to ensure the longevity of your growth from luxury travel.

With our culture moving toward environmentally positive retreats and service trips as ways to seek personal enlightenment, is there still room for luxury vacations to bring us happiness? Fear not, there’s still plenty of reason to enjoy the spa and beaches at a five-star hotel. Here are the perks to wellness traveling.

1. Adventure: Self-actualization sits on top of our hierarchy of psychological needs. The idea is that when we reach our true potential we leave our ego in the dust. This allows us to live more mindful lives. Luxury wellness vacations may ask you to emerge yourself in theater, hiking, or gaming in order to ignite emotions. This results in a personal transformation towards self-actualization.

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2. Storytelling: For all our bibliophiles out there, luxury travel rips a page right out of your book (but not literally). Wellness locations immerse the traveler in epic storytelling. Like a chapter in a book, the adversity brought on to reach the end goal will inspire personal development.

3. Activity: The reason behind branding these retreats as stories were you’re the protagonist is our culture’s craving for choice. In the old days, vacationers desired itineraries and classes aiming to guide their journey. Now, we’ve moved onto mixtures of fitness, nature, cultural immersion, and health foods. These options in activities allow a sense of purposefulness and a full experience within your vacation destination.

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4. Digital detox: Many luxury wellness vacations will not allow electronics into their vicinity. The idea of giving up our phones for a week produces sweat beads of anxiety on our upper lips as we realize this vacation isn’t for Instagram. However, the long term benefits of disconnecting far outweigh the day of mild discomfort. Embark on your spa adventure with total serenity, knowing no one can disturb you.

5. Women only: If your a woman warrior looking to relax and grow in an area uninhabited by men look no further. Certain luxury wellness vacations cater exclusively to female empowerment. With physically, mentally, and spiritually guided activities for growth, these sessions focus on moving past trauma (like divorce, assault, etc.) and inspiring growth.

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