Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Colors to Mix and Match This FallCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Colors to Mix and Match This Fall

By Hope Ankney

In the social media age where Instagram reigns supreme for photo sharing, it can seem like any time is a great occasion for a quick photo-op. With autumn approaching, it’s only natural for us to know what colors and fashion trends are in so we can look our best on the Gram and in the chilly weather. Every year, the trends of colors and styles change as it gets colder, and as 2018 was the year of more rustic colors, like Red Pear and Russet Orange, 2019 has gotten a little bolder and more fun with its palette. Our fashion tips for what to wear this Fall are something you might want to consider trying out to if you want a vibrant and unique look that’ll dazzle your friends.

The fashion trends and colors of Fall 2019 are vibrant and full of life. Check out some of our favorites for this Autumn!

Every year, New York Fashion Week kicks off the newest fall colors and styles that are going to be the hottest trends as the season comes into full swing. Many looks catch the eye of designers as they implement them into their own designs for Autumn. 2019 is all about the fun, flare, and daring. Are you looking for some of the best colors to mix and match as the cooler weather approaches? Don’t worry, Cupid has got you covered for all the fashion advice on what colors to mix and match this fall:

1. Two tone color-blocking: Color-blocking has always been a sure-fire way of grabbing people’s attention. It’s fun and creative, allowing you to be as unique in your style as you want. This season, though, it seems like color-blocking has been elevated. Instead of merely mixing and matching colors, the trend is to get two completely contrasting hues of color on at least one piece of clothing before you go out. If you’re tired of the common prints of floral or plaid, spice up your outfit with some two-toned garments! An easy way to feel fresh this Fall, grab some bi-colored boots, pants, and two-toned button-ups. You’ll be the talk of the town.

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2. Dark cheddar: Being a bold and daring color trend this season, Dark Cheddar is a sharp blend of yellow and orange. This color is easily found in Hermes bags and even in the paper used for purchases from highbrow boutiques. This shade is meant to feel nurturing and warm, but it does have that spicy kick that could have you looking and feeling fresh this Fall. If you’re looking for something a bit on the wicked side, this color is definitely one to consider!

3. Shades of purple: Purple has always been a controversial color among fashion for how poignant and polarizing it can be, but its comeback for 2019’s fall collection is one that should be celebrated. From pastels, to lilacs, to vibrant hues of royal purple and violet, purple is all the rage for a statement piece this Autumn. Worn best on dresses, coats, sweaters, and even hats. Bring a pop of color to your wardrobe if you want a fun and eye-catching look.

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4. Electrifying pink: Now, this is a color trend on the wilder side. We’re not talking about baby pinks or pastel pinks. We’re talking about the brightest and hottest shades of pink for this fall. If you are desperate for a unique spin on your Autumn wardrobe, bring this shocking hue into your closet. Easy to mix and match, take your normal fall colors of browns, blacks, and greys, and throw something on with that hue of electrifying pink. This is perfect for those dreary, blustery days this season where you need a color to really wake you up. Try it on a coat first and see how you feel.

What colors stood out to you to mix and match this fall? Tell us down below!