Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Raising Confident DaughtersCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Raising Confident Daughters

By Emily Green

Raising children is never an easy feat, and in today’s society raising confident daughters is more important than ever. Women are constantly looked down upon by people by men, other women, and so many more. Women need to learn that they are strong and powerful individuals that are worth so much more than society’s standards today. By following these parenting tips, our daughters will be sure growing up that they are beautiful souls, no matter what anyone may say.

Raising confident daughters is a parenting trend that we all need to hop on! What are some tips to help your daughter’s self-esteem?

Women and girls of all ages need to know that they are wonderful, beautiful people that deserve nothing but the world! Here are some of Cupid’s tips to helping your daughter’s self-esteem:

1. Use positive reinforcement: Let your daughter know when she’s done well. Rather than just saying “nice job” truly acknowledge the effort she has put into her work. Even the small victories deserve celebrations!

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2. Validate your daughter’s thoughts and experiences: As your daughter grows up, she is constantly learning about the world and what surrounds her. As your daughter grows, listen to her thoughts and opinions about various situations. Letting her form her own opinion will let her know she is valid in her opinions and has the right to express them.

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3. Use encouragement: Everyone has bad days. If your daughter comes home feeling a bit down, be sure to sit down with her and talk about what’s wrong. Whether it’s a fight with a friend, a bad grade on a test, or maybe a problem with a crush on a friend at school, make sure you listen to your daughter and offer advice and encouragement, she will develop a sense of purpose and continue to keep on trucking no matter what happens.

4. Set boundaries on both ends: Respect your daughter’s privacy. By giving your daughter space, you are letting her know that you trust her, and then she will trust you too. This trust will build her own trust in herself, and ultimately confidence in herself too.

What are some other tips to raising confident daughters? Let us know in the comments below!