Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Plan To Fail and Be Okay With ItCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Plan To Fail and Be Okay With It

By Bonnie Griffin

If there is one thing about parenting is certain, it’s that nobody is perfect; not us and not even our children as much as we love them. We’re all human and being human means we will make mistakes, but we need to slow down and realize it’s okay to fail. Children are growing and learning. They might not meet your expectations on the first try. Admit it—you have experienced moments like this in your own life you learned from. See this as an opportunity for growth instead of failure. Instead of stressing out about mistakes you or your child might make, follow these parenting tips keep small failures from turning into something big, and help your child grow into a contributing, responsible person.

We all learn from mistakes. Here are some parenting tips on how to handle your child’s.

Sometimes you’re going to zig when you later realize you should have zagged. Sometimes your children are going to forget or choose not to do their homework or drop a dish when helping clean the kitchen. It is all a way to learn and grow that will make you a great parent, and your children grow into a responsible adult. Cupid has parenting advice and parenting tips on accepting those failures with ways to help your children learn from them so they can grow into intelligent, good people:

1. Learn from mistakes: Just like you learn from mistakes at work and throughout life, you will learn from mistakes as a parent. You may learn a better schedule, etc. Like you, your children can also learn from mistakes. Instead of stepping in to help them smooth out every mistake they might make, let them make them.

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2. Rules of homework: Getting our children to do their homework isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be really hard, and mistakes might get made. Remember, it is up to you to help set them up for success but don’t do their homework for them. Provide them with a quiet, phone-free environment, and give them the tools they need. If they wait until the last night to do their science project even though they had the tools necessary to complete it, don’t jump in and do it for them. They will learn to prepare and use their time more wisely the next time.

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3. Teach them kindness: Kids can be mean. It’s something we hear often, but it’s something that makes it all that more important that. Teach them what kindness is through action, and show them it should be a part of everyday life. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate toys and clothes to shelters and let them be a part of it all.

What are some ways you deal with your children when they don’t initially meet expectations? Let us know in the comments below.