Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kirpa Sudick Squashes Cam Ayala Dating RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Kirpa Sudick Squashes Cam Ayala Dating Rumors

By Hope Ankney

In celebrity news, former Bachelor contestant, Kirpa Sudick, is dismissing rumors of dating Bachelor in Paradise alum Cam Ayala. Bachelor Nation began speculating a potential spark between the two when Sudick took to Instagram to upload a post in dedication to Ayala’s birthday. Ayala had commented underneath the post saying, “ILYSM” alongside a heart emoji and an angel emoji. According to, the reality star squashed the rumors by stating, “We are just friends and not dating! I’ve just been very lucky to have met so many great people through The Bachelor!”

In celebrity news, Kirpa Sudick is not dating Cam Ayala after all. What are some ways to tastefully let people know you are not dating someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just like celebrities, sometimes we can post something on our social media that tend to look different than how we intended. But unlike them, we can’t go to a news source and dismiss these relationship rumors. Instead, we have to think up ways to tastefully let others know we’re not dating someone without looking too defensive. If you’re in this predicament, and you don’t know how to go about squashing dating rumors, don’t worry! Cupid has you covered with our love advice on how to nicely let others know you’re not dating this person:

1. Be playful: Sometimes, having fun with the situation can be a good way to let others know it doesn’t bother you before you let them know you guys aren’t dating. If both you and the other person are game, it can be funny to be playful and pretend like you are dating. Be over-dramatic with the idea, posting mushy comments, creating your own ‘ship’ name, taking ridiculous photos together, etc. By doing this before coming clean that you both aren’t dating, it can let people know that none of it bothered you, and it wasn’t a big deal!

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2. Be kind: This might seem like an obvious answer, but there are ways you can dismiss dating rumors that are much harsher than you meant them to be. Try and be as kind as possible when letting others know you aren’t dating someone. Saying something rude or condescending can make you look bad when someone was just curious about the situation. So, try and be as polite and friendly as you can when letting others know so you don’t look like a ticking timebomb anytime something false is said about you!

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3. Be direct: Perhaps, the best way to be tasteful is to just be honest about it. Being direct doesn’t have to be harsh, and it can stop speculation quickly. Simply explain away the idea that you and the person are dating and then say nothing else on the matter. By facing the situation head-on and refusing to talk about it further, it can be an easy and effective way of stopping the rumors from circulating.

Do you have any tips for tastefully letting others know you aren’t dating someone? Sound off in the comments!