Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Entrepreneur Lara Merriken Talks Building Her Brand & Healthy EatingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Entrepreneur Lara Merriken Talks Building Her Brand & Healthy Eating

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Ashley Johnson.

Lara Merriken and her all natural energy bar, LÄRABAR, have been making an impact in the health food and fitness community for the past 16 years. The kosher bars are an affordable healthy treat and loved among students as well. All 30 of its flavors are made from whole food and contain no more than nine ingredients. This deliciously wholesome snack only continues to expand and can be found on grocery shelves all over the country today, including Wegmans, Whole Foods, and Walmart.

Celebrity Chef Interview: Lara Merriken Talks Healthy Eating & Date Night Options

In a recent celebrity interview with, Merriken gives food advice and talks about how healthy eating improves mental and physical health. Of course, she also reveals how she came up with the idea for her self-titled brand.

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In addition to being the LÄRABAR creator, Merriken is also a mother, culinary lover, and adventurous traveler. It was on a hiking trip in the Colorado Mountains where the ingenious idea for this healthy snack  first crossed her mind. She was eating trail mix and thought, “Why hasn’t someone made a bar that tastes indulgent and delicious, but is made of real food, fruits, nuts, and spices?” For the next  3 years, she leaned on her friends for support in making her brand. Her friends were her first taste-testers and the first people who wanted to buy her product.  

The LÄRABAR launched in 2003. Although it was never the plan to name the bar after herself, she decided to do so at the last minuter after much encouragement from her friends.

Merriken made the bars gluten free and used minimal, pure ingredients.They contain no added sugar. The sweetness strictly comes from the fruits that are in them. The LÄRABAR is meant to energize you in the most natural way possible. “When you eat food that tastes good, feels good, and sustains you, it just makes life better all the way around,” she says.

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As a mother of a 10-year-old son, Merriken is concerned with making sure that there are healthy snack options available for children. “When you’re a parent you really want your children to eat the best they can,” says the entrepreneur. That’s why LÄRABAR is available in over 30 different flavors so that there is something for everyone. Flavors include apple pie, lemon bar, and peanut butter chocolate chip to name a few. Additionally, Merriken has a line specifically tailored toward children called LÄRABAR Kids, along with a new product for everyone to try, LÄRABAR Protein.

As a culinary lover, we asked Merriken about cooking the perfect dish for date night at home. One of her favorite meals at the moment is paella, but she says that she constantly likes to try new cuisines with her family. She keeps it fresh and experiments with different salads and foods she knows everyone is going to like. “It’s important to connect with the people in your family about what their preferences are and then try to make meals around that,” she explains.

In terms of what’s next for this growing entrepreneur, she is working on the promotion for the brand new protein bar and is always working on new ideas for her million dollar-brand.

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