Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Chef Byron Talbott Talks Lunch Foods & Date Night DessertsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Chef Byron Talbott Talks Lunch Foods & Date Night Desserts

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Ashley Johnson.

Chef Byron Talbott is one of the most popular cooks on the internet, garnering a total of 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. He serves not only good looks on the video-sharing website, but also serves up a mean dish of chicken milanese. From the main course to dessert, this celebrity chef has food tips and tricks, whether it be for ratatouille or churro bites.

Celebrity Chef Interview: Byron Talbott Talks Lunch Foods & Cooking For His Wife and Kids

In a recent celebrity interview with, Talbott talked about his fresh culinary creations and new collaboration with Hillshire Farm. The chef has created a line of Hillshire Farm-based sandwiches for everyone to try! Some of the classics that he has recreated include the Portland Italian Grinder and Spiced Cubano. In addition to admiring savory sandwiches, he talks about lunch with his children and some of the craziest dishes he’s ever made.

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While sandwiches can be one of the simplest foods to make for lunch, Talbott considers them the most important!  “I always think that lunch is probably more important than breakfast in the sense that everyone is looking forward to their lunch break,” he says.  The chef explains that his spread of sandwiches can be a healthy option to make at home with your wife or for your kids, as they contain no preservatives, and no nitrates or artificial flavoring. While these sandwiches are healthy, that certainly does not mean that they are not delicious! Talbott explains that you can switch it up and use different meats to make certain classics like the Spiced Cubano. The chef recommends the classic be served with Hillshire Farm’s sliced honey ham and premium carved honey ham and adds that it of course cannot be complete without butter pickles, spices, and cheese! It is classics like these that “warm the soul,” according to the YouTube star.

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When the celebrity chef is not making lunch for his kids, he is usually trying to impress his wife with a fancy dessert. Soufflés are an iconic dessert for any occasion, however the chef says that they can be quite tricky to bake. “Soufflés, they’re like hit and miss… macaroons they’re a hit or miss,” he says. So, if you are looking for date ideas on how to impress your loved one, maybe hold off on the baked egg-based dish. While he has had plenty of culinary failures in his life, he says “you just learn and go.” The well-seasoned chef is also not the only chef in his household. His wife, Rachel, also knows her way around the kitchen, as the two met in culinary school when they were younger. Together, they take turns in making the best, most healthy meals for their kids!

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