Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Relive Your Childhood with a Razor Electric ScooterCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Relive Your Childhood with a Razor Electric Scooter

By Katie Sotack

As kids grow into teens and become more attached to indoor activities, parents worry about their physical and mental well-being. Break your teen away from their screens by purchasing a brand new E Prime Air Razor that has an extra kick of power. The scooter is recommended for those 14 years of age or older. Your teen can relive their childhood with this scooter, as any 90s’ kid can testify that wicking down the street on a snazzy two-wheeled scooter was the ultimate pastime.

If you want to get your teen away from screen-time, consider a Razor electric scooter or skateboard. Learn more about the new E Prime Air in this product review.

The easiest way to get your teens active is to entice them with fun. An electric scooter is a cool and convenient way to get back and forth to school. Bring your favorite childhood toy back by introducing your son or daughter to the Razor electric scooter. Here are some benefits to the new Razor model, the E Prime Air:

It’s suitable for all sizes.

The E Prime Air electric scooter’s handles and height are adjustable. The padded, easy-adjust handlebars are comfortable and lock so that they do not move during your travel.

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It makes commuting easy and convenient.

This electric scooter runs up to 15 mph and lasts for 35 minutes of continuous use. Travel easily around town with the E Prime Air to get to class. The battery is rechargeable if your son or daughter’s journey to class requires more output than the scooter can give at one time.

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It fits in a locker.

The scooter is compact enough to fit into your child’s locker. With the dimension of the front and back rubber wheels being only 8 inches each and the fact that it has a fold-up deign, the scooter is perfect for storing both at school and at home.

It’s a lot cheaper than a car.

If it’s between buying your teen a car and buying them a Razor electric scooter, the electric scooter is the clear winner price-wise. Razor’s new E Prime Air Electric Scooter retails at $419.99.

You can check out a cool video featuring the E Prime Air Electric Scooter here. For more information, please visit Razor’s website here