Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Bravity Bras Defy GravityCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Bravity Bras Defy Gravity

By Katie Sotack

The breast lymphatic system “is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials,” according to Simply stated, breasts are essential to a properly working immune system. That said, many women have a hard time and are uncomfortable with their breasts when it comes to sleep. They can get in the way at night, causing discomfort and inhibiting the proper lymphatic cleansing process. However, we stumbled upon a bra that just might resolve this issue.

If you’re searching for comfort and the latest health trend while you sleep, get the best of both worlds with Bravity. Learn more about the bra’s perks in this product review.

Anyone with breasts can attest to the challenges they present when it comes to sleeping. Whether they’re falling to the side or preventing you from lying on your chest, breasts can be a nocturnal hazard. That’s where Bravity bras come in. Specially crafted with a Y-strap feature so the breasts are exposed, yet still cradled, these bras support the chest during sleep without the discomfort an underwire bra would cause. Here are some benefits:

1. Anti-wrinkle: Aside from the health boost of a properly cleansed lymphatic system, you’ll begin to look younger, too. At any age and with any size breast, one might encounter cleavage wrinkles. They are completely natural and nothing to worry about, but if you’re searching to keep your supple bosom, look no further. Bravity bras lift and separate the breasts to stop wrinkles from forming.

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2. Comfort: The Bravity bra is crafted with padded adjustable straps so that it feels like tiny pillows cradling your cleavage. While made up of nylon and spandex so that the bra is cool to touch and form fitting, the no cup designs leaves breasts room to breathe.

3. Big breasted babes: Those with larger chests are typically more likely to seek a night-time bra. While Bravity benefits those of every size, big breasts are not left behind like they are in other major brands. We had an ample-chested woman test the product, and she claimed, “Nothing gets mashed up against my chin; it did work”. Avoid the dreaded uni-boob with the y-strap technology made for any size.

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4. Sports edition: Bravisport does exist! This is a medium support, racer-back bra made to eliminate the uni-boob. The bra provides extra support by combining the average sports bra with the y-strap design, thus creating two layers of defense. The removable cup pads also allow for customizable shape and comfort.

How do you support your breasts while sleeping and working out? Share in the comments below!