Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Samantha Michelle, More Than Your Average DJCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Samantha Michelle, More Than Your Average DJ

By Ashley Johnson

Samantha Michelle is a Canadian disc jockey (DJ) most recently known for being the opening act for Mark Ronson. Earlier this year, she opened up for him at a star-studded celebrity event during the Cannes Film Festival.

However, this former NYU student has proven to be much more than your average DJ. Although she has spun for New York Fashion Week, GQ, SOHO House, & AMEX, the multi-talented performer has impressive acting and directing credits as well. Some of her credits include, The Captive (2014), Lost Girl (2015), and The Strain (2015) and The Dark Side of the Sun (2016). 

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with the worldly creative about her greatest passions, the importance of personal growth, and the key to maintaining a successful relationship.

Celebrity Interview with Samantha Michelle: Traveling the World While Exploring Relationships & Creativity

When the Canadian creative is not making music, collaborating with other artists, or acting and directing, she spends her time as an activist. She has worked with Artists for Peace and Justice, which is a nonprofit organization that addresses issues of poverty in communities around the world. Currently, she is the creative director of a non-profit female film festival called Female Voices Rock. The festival is designed to showcase various short films created by women to celebrate female filmmakers in the industry. “It’s nice to be working in partnership with other amazing, strong, and inspiring women,” she said during our chat.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Samantha Michelle, More Than Your Average DJ
Samantha Michelle. Photo: Tom Belton


When asked what has inspired her about these women she says that they have helped her to realize “the power of saying no.” The musician says she struggles with saying “no” and admits that she has always been a person who needs to please others. Being part of Female Voices Rock, she has learned that through other strong women that saying “yes” all the time can be exhausting. Michelle now realizes she is not obligated to give up any part of herself unless she feels like it will improve her life in some way. The same philosophy holds true for her love life. “When it comes to dating and relationships, you need to ensure that you’re giving your time to somebody who is going to enrich your life and bring you joy and new adventures,” she says.

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When Michelle is not working on her personal growth, she is traveling around the globe sharing her musical talent with the others. The Canadian DJ reveals to us that she been on over two dozen flights this summer and has more travel booked for later this year. But she’s not complaining, she counts her blessings and knows that there are still so many places she would like to visit. “I really want to go to Tibet and Kenya,” she says. “I’m hoping to move beyond the western world this year.”

Traveling the world has created an ever-expanding network for the artist, and it has allowed her to meet new people. She is a believer that everybody comes into your life for a reason. “[Everybody] has something to teach or show you, so I think it’s important to live in a way where you’re open to that,” she expresses. She tells us that she gets her greatest ideas for her artistic work through interpersonal interactions. “I’m a friendly person and I will talk to anyone and everyone,” she says. Traveling and meeting new people has helped her to view the world differently.

However, when it comes to forming romantic relationships, that can be a bit tricky for this upcoming superstar. “When you’ve had the summer I’ve had, it can be tricky to make lasting relationships,” she admits.

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Be on the watch for this talented musician. She will be a DJ at several upcoming events this year and could be in a city right near you!

You can follow Samantha Michelle on Instagram. You can also listen to her music here on SoundCloud.