Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Rafi Anteby, The Man Behind the Gifting LoungeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Rafi Anteby, The Man Behind the Gifting Lounge

Interview by Lori Bizzoco Written by Courtney Shapiro and Amanda Sanders

From hosting one-of-a-kind gifting suites for celebrities (e.g., Emmy’s, Oscars, Billboard Music Awards, BET Awards) to creating and promoting his iconic jewelry lineRafi Anteby’s Rolodex of clients reads like an award celebration itself (Rihanna, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx). But for Anteby, it is not as much about living the lavish lifestyle as it is about finding opportunities to raise awareness and funds for philanthropic causes around the world.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with Anteby on the inspiration behind his coveted gifting lounges, his spiritual and philanthropic journey and the meaning behind his jewelry line, Bullets4Peace.

Celebrity Interview with Rafi Anteby: Traveling Inspiration, Life Experiences and Future Endeavors

While today Anteby is considered just as iconic, influential, and successful as the celebrities that he works with, making a name for himself was a process. “I think the way it happened has to do with consistency and legitimacy. Hollywood is very straightforward and it takes people time to really trust somebody in their own circle.” Anteby discusses how he used balance and truth to build his reputation. “Celebrities seek a lifestyle that really brings them back to a normal life,” he says. “They want to touch the Earth, they want to touch the real, so I show them places and I show them products and I show them a lot of things that speak to this lifestyle – my lifestyle.” This is the magic of his journey and these real moments are what inspired him to start his own jewelry line, Bullets4Peace.

If we look back at his story, it began in Israel, where he served in the Israeli army and lost his entire platoon fighting in the war with Lebanon. Following that, he had the very unfortunate experience of losing his best friend, David Perry from a gunshot wound. “I’m very familiar with the bullet, what it can do and the negative impact that it has not only for the victim but for their family and friends also,” the jewelry creator says.

Anteby says that the gifting lounges didn’t happen right away. First, he spent time really getting to know himself. “I was a consultant on counter-terrorism, I traveled a lot and did free wildlife photography, and I studied with monks in Tibet and Nepal.” It was while staying at a monastery in China, that Anteby came back with the idea to rebrand the imagery of a bullet. For the past 10 years, his mission has been to take bullets and turn them into a peace symbol by recycling used bullet casings and re-purposing them into the wonderful handcrafted pieces which several celebrities have been seen wearing.

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Anteby started his gifting lounges at the 2017 Oscars and has hosted close to 10 lounges since then. Because of his travels and eye for artistry, he is able to offer exotic trips and products to celebrity clientele at his gifting lounges. All of the products seen at his events support various causes. “I will tell you that there’s a message behind every event I do,” Anteby elaborates. “I truly believe in receiving for the sake of giving. So for every event I do, a certain amount of the money goes to charity.” Taking a chance in this industry is hard work. “I didn’t expect such a warm welcome and it still takes time,” Anetby says. But he wants his gifting lounges to inspire on a much deeper and bigger level.

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While it may seem that women would flock to someone living such a lavish lifestyle, Anteby confesses that he is still single. “People come to LA because they want to succeed, therefore, everything else becomes a minor issue.” He explains that relationships seem to take a back seat. The philanthropist does believe that everybody has someone out there for them but with his constant traveling, he identifies himself as a “lonely wolf,” and thinks it’s tough to find a woman who can match his exploratory lifestyle.

When asked what’s next for him, he shares that he would like to open up a media group that will help to have a social impact.” this man is certainly an individual to keep on your radar.

You can follow Rafi Anteby on Instagram. You can also see and buy his jewelry on the Bullets4peace website.