Cupid's Pulse Article: Health Advice: Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Pregnancy FitnessCupid's Pulse Article: Health Advice: Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Pregnancy Fitness

By Katie Sotack

With each Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we’re brought a parade of beautiful bodies strutting down the runway with toned arms and killer legs. These Angels are no stranger to a fit lifestyle even while pregnant. Models like Gisele Bündchen and Behati Prinsloo don’t miss a beat because of their baby bumps. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are here to prove fitness is an achievable lifestyle no matter the circumstance.

Angels follow strict health advice to be runway ready with a baby on board. How can the average expecting mother use their fitness tips to stay toned?

Regardless of the situation, fitness requires dedication and an inner drive. Once you have that it’s all about knowing where to start. Following the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ routines and tricks will give your pregnancy a healthy boost. Here are the health tips for a pregnant celebrity workout and diet.

1. Start before pregnancy: During a sit down with your doctor, they’re likely to say it’s bad form to lose weight while pregnant. Not to mention the time to try strenuous workouts belongs before pregnancy in order to avoid stressing your baby. Being fit while carrying is about maintaining rather than achieving. This requires some planning on your part. If a fit pregnancy is important to you, begin a routine before you start trying.

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2. Angel’s workout: The models follow a strict body sculpting routine. For the first six weeks of training exclusively engage in cardio like swimming, dancing, or running. In the following six weeks focus on interval workouts which involve building muscle. The trick to a lean muscle is keeping the weight low and the reps high. The ratio should be twenty minutes of cardio to 15-20 weight reps, alternating back and forth throughout the workout.

3. A colorful plate: Angel mommies don’t count calories as restricting can affect milk production and thus the development of your baby. Rather, pre-, post-, and during pregnancy fitness is about making healthy choices. Your meals should be colorful. Pile on the bright veggies to match with a white protein like chicken or fish. Carbs are essential as well, just lower the portion size and keep it brown (as in whole wheat/grain).

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4. Post-pregnancy: To lose weight post-delivery, it’s recommended to begin with leisurely walks. Anything harder than that should be proceeded by medical clearance and be relatively low impact. Move onto water aerobics for cardio before adding light weight lifting. Respect where your body is and know it won’t spring back to its pre-pregnancy levels immediately.

5. It’s their job: While working to emulate an Angel body during pregnancy it’s important to realize your limitations. For Victoria’s Secret models it’s their literal job to sculpt and tone their body while making sure to eat right. But for the average person getting to the gym for hours and knowing exactly what to eat is challenging. Not to mention the pregnancy cravings and fatigue. Give yourself leeway to have an ice cream cone every once in a while.

How do you stay fit during pregnancy? Share in the comments below!