Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Advice: How to Get Your Best BootyCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Advice: How to Get Your Best Booty

By Jessica Gomez

It’s time to get off your butt and make it the best one you’ve ever had! We are in the age of the booty and a lot of us want a celebrity body. Hard work pays off, and combining a healthy diet with exercise is key — no surprise there. Eat plenty of protein and good fats (like avocados, nuts, beans, etc.) and veggies (broccoli, spinach, and other greens). Combine that with some killer workouts, and you’re well on your way to your best booty! You’ll be building muscle, toning, and shaping. What are some of the best workouts you should consistently do for your bum, you ask?

Well, here are six workouts to start doing on the daily that will work out the different parts of your booty. Let’s change our daily routine and get the butt we deserve with these fitness tips!:

If you’d like to include break days and not do these everyday, you can most definitely do so. It all depends on what your body is used to. You should always push yourself, but not beyond your limits. Remember to pace yourself and always stretch for about five to 10 minutes before exercising:

1. Squats: These bad boys workout your thighs, hips, and butt. Make squats your best friend. You can try starting with 20 to 50 squats the first day (depending on your current limit). After that, each day, you can add five squats. You can increase the number of squats from five more to ten more gradually. Just pace your progress. Like mentioned before, make sure to push yourself, but don’t stress your body.

2. Donkey Kicks: These are great for the bottom of your butt, your lower back, and legs. Aren’t butt workouts wonderful? They workout multiple body parts simultaneously! Make these your best friend, too. These should be easier than squats, so aim to do more of them.

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3. Marching Hip Raises: Guess what these workout? Besides your butt, they workout your hamstrings and abs. Talk about shaping your booty and your bod! Try to do as many as you can and start from there. Everyone can do it at their own pace. Just remember, the more you workout (at a healthy rate of course), the faster the results. Again, please make sure not to strain your body aka your temple.

4. Glute Bridges: Working your abs and butt, these babies should be included in your exercise routine. It’s a strengthening move that will help your core. They can also improve your posture. Hey, for some of us, this can be a way to ease ourselves into yoga!

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5. Side Skaters: This move works out all of the above: your butt, thighs, hamstring, and core. It’s both an essential part of your butt workout and it provides you with good cardio. They can be pretty fun to do once you get out of a lazy mood.

6. Lunges: These are famous, but can be a pain. Remember, it’s all about consistency and making these exercises practically a habit. They workout your hips,quads, hamstrings, core, the hard-to-reach muscles of the inner thigh, and your glutes. You can do lunges at the gym, in your room, on the stairs, etc. Speaking of stairs, if you can, take them. Walking up stairs is a fabulous exercise because it works so much out, including your rear end, of course!

Your best booty is on its way! Are you as excited as we are? Share with us your favorite butt workout below!