Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Collaborative ParentingCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Collaborative Parenting

By Katie Sotack

Past parenting advice has sought to punish bad behaviors and reward the good. Collaborative parenting takes a new and innovative approach to parenting that involves treating your children like people. The parenting trend focuses on working with our children rather than against them to solve problems.

Collaborative parenting involves working with your children and treating them like people in this parenting advice.

The beauty of collaborative parenting is the understanding and well-thought-out approach you must take in guiding your child. If they don’t want to clean their room, ask them why, and then come up with a solution together. They might only need to pick up their room for fifteen minutes a day, for example. Here are some collaborative parenting tips to help you and your child get on the same page:

1. Hear your child out: Instead of becoming angry and grounding your child the moment you find out they haven’t done their homework, hear your child out. The collaborative parenting approach encourages you to breathe and think before you dole out punishment. Maybe they have too many after school activities or they don’t understand the homework. Communicating with your child and understanding them is an important key factor in being a strong role model for your child.

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2. Offer choices with boundaries: Yes, by all means, listen to your child, but you are still the adult. For example, if it’s close to bedtime and your five-year-old daughter doesn’t want to stop playing with her dolls but you want to read her a book before she falls asleep, give her an option. Keep playing and go straight to bed with no book or you can read the book after you tuck her into bed. It’s giving a clear choice and option that makes collaborative parenting work!

3. Keep your head: Try not to lose temper with your child. This is easier said than done, but keeping a calm head while you offer choices and the consequences of not listening will prevent you from turning into a screaming banshee to get things done your way. You may have to employ tremendous patience but both you and your child will have a better relationship in the end.

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4. Seek a CPS expert: If you truly feel you are failing with collaborative parenting, seeking the guidance of a collaborative parenting solving expert is an option. An expert can show you how to work with your child, teach you patience, and ease your concerns.

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