Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Show Off Your Curves this SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Show Off Your Curves this Summer

By Bonnie Griffin

Are you tired of fashion hiding your curves? Flaunting your curves this summer fashion trends is all about accentuating your body. Whether you’re rocking jeans, a dress, or bathing suit, it’s time to highlight your curves with these fashion tips to show the world your true beauty.

These fashion trends will take you from cover-up to showing off your sexy curves!

No rules say curves need to be hidden. There is true beauty in the curves of a woman’s body and fashion trends are catching up to this fact. If you are a curvy woman searching for some fashion advice to accentuate your body and show off every beautiful part, here are some fashion trends that you might want to give a try:

1. Curvy, relaxed fit jeans: Try relaxed fit if you want to wear jeans that will highlight your curves and not make you feel stuffed into uncomfortable denim. They are made to show off your curves. Try pairing them with a tie-dye tunic for a sexy, comfortable style.

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2. Maxi dress: A maxi dress will flow with your body and your curves. You can find maxi dresses in a plethora of colors and patterns so you’re never without options. This beautiful dress will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous while feeling cool and comfortable for this hot summer.

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3. Jumpsuits: Let’s be honest, jumpsuits were made for a curvy body. They are cinched at the waist and accentuate all the right curves from top to bottom. Want to add even more style to your jumpsuit? Grab a striped jumpsuit to elongate your body and highlight your beautiful curves.

4. Swimsuits: Instead of the big skirts and swim shorts of the past, this year’s swimsuits are figure flattering and designed to show off your curves instead of hiding them. Try bold prints, the off-the-shoulder one-piece, or the sexy wrap waist one-piece. You will feel stylish and attractive in any of these options.

5. Bold prints: This summer fashion is all about the bold prints. Try out a snakeskin wrap dress. Not only will you look highly fashionable, but this dress will highlight every beautiful curve on your body making you the center of attention.

 What are some of your favorite curvy fashion trends this summer? Let us know in the comments below.