Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get Off the GridCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get Off the Grid

By Sarah Ribeiro and Bonnie Griffin

Stay away from a boring date night this weekend and go on a spontaneous road trip with your partner by hopping in the car and driving with no plans in place. With this date idea you’ll start off in your town, exploring neighborhoods you’ve never seen and finding restaurants, cafes or other niche spots for future dates together. Then, take it one step further: skip the highway and take a back road to somewhere random on the map, maybe a nearby town or a tourist attraction that you’ve been meaning to see. Don’t forget to bring a camera so the two of you will always remember the places that you visited.

Date Idea: Hit the road with your partner and zero plans!

For added adventure, go out of the state. Take the highway as far as you dare and stop at the cutest bed and breakfast that fits within your budget. Find a famous landmark in a neighboring state or follow the signs to the most intriguing spot advertised on the highway. Some great – and somewhat strange – tourist spots include Ruby Falls in Tennessee,  the Oz Museum in Kansas,  Lizzie Borden’s Bed and Breakfast in Massachusetts or the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. Look for more unique tourist attractions at Roadside America and pick out your favorites.

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Cash in on your significant other’s interests and find somewhere that fits with his hobbies. Is he a gamer? Look for a retro arcade in a small town. Is he a wine or beer connoisseur? Visit a vineyard or brewery for some local flavor and be sure to take home some free samples.

You can check things off your bucket list during the trip too. Drive down to your local airfield and take your journey on a thrill-seeking twist by going skydiving or taking flying lessons. Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride or even get completely off the grid by going off-roading.

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In the car, do your best to keep your man entertained. Play some old-fashioned car games, like Twenty Questions — a great way to get to know your sweetheart better — or the traditional License Plate Game, where you compete against each other to find license plates from each state (bonus points for international plates). Be sure to bring some healthy snacks with you too, like granola, trail mix or fresh fruit.

The most important thing to remember on this date is to not to plan a thing. Let the road carry you and your partner to a memorable weekend.

What are some of your best off-the-grid locations? Share them in the comments below.