Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Souvenir JewelryCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Souvenir Jewelry

By Katie Sotack

The fashion trend this runway season has turned whimsical with souvenir jewelry. The nickname “souvenir jewelry” was given to statement necklaces that embraced sea shells as their focal point. These beautiful pieces look exactly like what you’d find at the local tourist shop on your beach holiday, and this year has expanded to include beads, pearls, and coins as part of its motif.

Souvenir jewelry is the latest fashion trend. What way will you rock it?

To the girl with the elegant eye, a chunky statement piece of seashells might seem intimidating. There’s no need to shy away from the whimsical touch souvenir jewelry can add to your outfit with this fashion tip. Here are is fashion advice to embrace the celebrity fashion trend whether your celebrity style icon is the polished Taylor Swift or the playful Bella Throne.

1. Keep it simple: If it’s your first time wearing souvenir jewelry be warned it’s eye-catching. Tamper down the rest of your outfit to let the jewelry shine as the center. In terms of color or patterns, pick what you think works but remember to stay in summertime style. Try a blue and white striped button up with white shorts for a simple aesthetic that works with the beach babe vibe.

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2. Go flowy: You’re not afraid of the souvenir look and are ready to embrace it to it’s fullest. Be bold with flowy maxi dresses and a full brimmed hat. You can rock any patterns with this sort of outfit, just make sure the colors don’t clash with the souvenir jewelry. Pair your sunnies with this look to transform yourself into a full-on beach goddess.

3. Headpieces: Souvenir jewelry isn’t limited to just necklaces. This season has graced us with gem-toned headscarves and bands styled in a souvenir template, which can transform your look just the same as a bold necklace.

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4. Know where and when: Let’s be honest, if you’re a CEO holding a sharers meeting, beach bum isn’t the look. Souvenir jewelry leans towards the simpler things in life like the boardwalk or running errands. Still, there’s no limit to where the style can be worn, just pick the right pieces. If you want souvenir jewelry in the boardroom to try a hair clip or bracelet tucked under your sleeve.

5. Have fun with it: The idea behind this trend is playfulness. Souvenir jewelry is so versatile it can be youthful, elegant, or classic. There are endless ways to embrace this trend and fit your personal style. Rock it the way you feel confident.

What ways do you planning on wearing souvenir jewelry? Share in the comments below!