Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: The InformerCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: The Informer

By Katie Sotack

Altered Carbon‘s star Joel Kinnaman is set to debut as the star of the summer thriller, The Informer. The movie is centered around a past felon who, as a current FBI informant, must return to prison in order to infiltrate the mob. Only matters become more complicated with the informant’s family to consider and the local police department breathing down the FBI’s back. A story of power, corruption, and vengance, The Informer will keep you on the edge of your sit, praying that our hero makes it through.

Check out The Informer for a date night thriller that’ll keep you on your toes!

Should you see it: If you’re looking for a suspenseful crime drama that’ll spike your adrenaline and have you rooting for the underdog, this film is right for you.

Who to take: The Informer may be deal with darker themes, but it’s centered around family being everything. The movie is too mature to bring the kids, but it’s perfect for date night. Grab your partner for a reminder that no matter what stands in your path, you can fight your way back to family.

Cupid’s Advice:

The protagonist’s drive to live free with his family is inspiring. His risk taking and perseverance show a man dedicated to his wife and little girl. With that in mind, here are ways to prioritize your family:

1. Have a set work schedule: It’s difficult to prioritize your family when you never see them. By having a set work schedule your family will know that you will reliably be present at certain times of the day. This isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can, obtain a consistent schedule with hours aligned with your family’s time table.

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2. Quality time: Along with a consistent schedule, it might be tempting to poop out at the end of the day. If the couch is calling your name it’s still important to make an effort. By all means, lay down and take a nap. But cut the time in half and make room for your loved ones in your day.

3. Be their safety net: While Kinnaman’s character’s adrenaline junkie risk taking might be sexy on screen it has many negatives in real life. When it comes to adventures it’s better to check in with your significant other on their opinion and it’s effect on the family. As the patriarch or matriarch of the family you should provide a sense of security.

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4. Avoid arguing: Perhaps the hardest advice of all for some. It is perfectly fine to have a disagreement, but don’t let that turn into an all out war. When dealing with conflict, treat the members of your family with respect and patience. Eventually things will settle down and compromise will occur.

How do you maintain your family relationships? Share in the comments below!