Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: OpheliaCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Ophelia

By Bonnie Griffin

Coming to theaters June 28th, IFC’s movie Ophelia brings us the story of Hamlet with more action and steamy romance than we’ve seen before, starring Daisy Ridley and George MacKay. Set in medieval-era Denmark, Ophelia falls for Hamlet, but their union is threatened when treachery strikes the royal court, derailing Hamlet’s claim to the throne. Ophelia is caught in the middle, torn between choosing love or loyalty. Check out Cupid’s movie review below!

Check out our movie review on Ophelia, a romance and drama-filled film that’s great for date night!

Should you see it: If you’re looking for a movie that combines romance, drama, and action, then Ophelia is the movie for you.

Who to take: Ophelia is a great emotional story of love versus loyalty that would make a great movie for date night.

Cupid’s Advice:

We’re intrigued by the multiple dynamics in IFC’s Ophelia. The blooming romance between Ophelia and Hamlet, the betrayal in the court by Hamlet’s own family, and the battle Ophelia faces to choose between her love for Hamlet and her loyalty to the throne. This is bound to be one super-charged romance that you don’t want to miss. Cupid’s has some advice on when you should decide between love and loyalty:

1. When the one you love is making a negative decision: We’ve all been in love with someone who occasionally makes a poor decision. We are all human and mistakes are inevitable. Sometimes, the person you love might make a poor choice that forces you to choose sides, such as choosing their side over your loyalty to your family. Just because you love someone does not mean you always have to agree with them, especially if they are asking something of you that is not in anyone’s best interest.

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2. When loyalty means ditching someone you love: Sometimes the people or organizations we are loyal to try to make us abandon those we love. Have you ever had a job you were loyal to tell you that you cannot call out to take care of your sick child? They want you to put your loyalty above the health of your sick kid and that is a time you might want to fight the battle and choose love over loyalty; after all, if they ask you to leave behind your sick child, it sounds like that loyalty only runs one way.

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3. Choosing your life partner: It is never a happy thing to think that members of your family might reject the person you love, the person you want to spend your life with and marry, but it happens. If your family tries to force you to choose your loyalty to them over your own happiness and the person you’re in love with, it can be hard to choose a side because it’s a tough situation. Ultimately, you need to decide what you need to be happy, and if that is the person you fell in love with, choose them because your happiness is just as important as your family’s. In the end, they may accept your partner over time.

Have you ever been faced with having to choose between loyalty or following your heart with the person you love? Share your advice for maintaining those relationships when faced with this kind of dilemma below.