Cupid's Pulse Article: New York Restaurants: Hidden Gems for Sushi LoversCupid's Pulse Article: New York Restaurants: Hidden Gems for Sushi Lovers

By Emily Green

New York City is a city full of things you wouldn’t expect. Almost anything you can think of you can find in NYC; you just have to know where to look. Are you a sushi fan? The City is full of famous restaurants with absolutely amazing sushi, even if it doesn’t look like it from the outside.

Finding a good place with even better sushi can be hard to find, what are the best New York restaurants for sushi?

Sushi isn’t for everyone, but for those who are sushi lovers, it can be hard to find places with quality food. Here are some of Cupid’s hidden gem sushi restaurants in New York City:

1. Odo: Located on 17 West 20th St, NYC, Odo is in the back of an all day cafe and cocktail bar. The restaurant has only 14 seats, so you and your party will partake in a 9 course dinner filled with a variety of types of sushi. The chef used to run one of New York’s most celebrated vegan restaurants, and will not disappoint his customers in their dining experience.

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2. HŪSO: Operating out of Marky’s on Madison, you and your party can enjoy a seven course meal for up to $200. From sushi to king crab, you can enjoy any type of seafood in this small 12 seated restaurant.

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3. The Hidden Pearl: Tucked away in a residential neighborhood, this restaurant can be hard to find. Decorated based on hues from Okinawa, Japan, this secluded restaurant will leave you full and relaxed until your heart’s content.

4. Resident: Let’s start off by saying, this isn’t your typical restaurant. Resident does not occupy one space, but instead, several spaces in a variety of condo locations. With a variety of courses, Resident brings you that homey feel even when you aren’t home.

5. TAO Downtown: If you’re looking for a classic place to either host a party or simply go out to dinner, TAO Downtown is the perfect place. From having live entertainment to a wide variety of courses, you will not leave hungry, that’s for sure.

What are some of your favorite sushi places in New York City? Let us know in the comments below!