Cupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: NYC Vegan Restaurants That Will Satisfy Both Vegans and Non-VegansCupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: NYC Vegan Restaurants That Will Satisfy Both Vegans and Non-Vegans

By Jessica Gomez

Veganism is growing rapidly! We can tell by the number of restaurants popping up in populated cities — New York City being one of them. There are many delicious New York restaurants that both vegan and non-vegans alike enjoy. In New York City, there is so much variety and that serves true for the vegan restaurants. Want to know which yummy places to dine at pronto?

Here are five popular restaurants that are sure to satisfy your cravings (in no particular order), along with some other places with tasty vegan eats:

The restaurants listed here all happen to be located in Brooklyn and Manhattan — not a bad commute for many!

1. Champs Diner: Oh, how we love Champs. This is a great diner located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is open Monday through Sunday 9am to 12am — Yeah, you heard (read) right! Craving milkshakes, burgers, and sandwiches? Craving pancakes, waffles, and tofu scrambled? Then add this place to your list. The mac n cheese and mozzarella sticks are also lovely and cheesy, without the cruelty and guilt! This laid back, hipster joint is sure to please.

2. VSPOT: Want some vegan Latin flavor? We know we do! VSPOT has two locations: one in St Marks, Manhattan and one in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They have slightly different menus, so check ’em out before choosing the location you desire. They have empanadas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, burgers, sandwiches, rice and beans — you mention it! We’re drooling just thinking of all these options. Want to know what else is cool? The St Marks location has free stand up comedy shows once a week in the evening, check out their social media for more info.

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3. Red Bamboo: Comfort food? Yes, please! Located in Manhattan off the West 4th train stop, Red Bamboo is a little, underground (literally) gem that you need to try! Phone reception there isn’t good, so bring good company, whether it be a person or a book. Now, on to the food… they have a diverse and extensive menu, so be sure to check it out. Order the popcorn chicken and shrimp, and try their delicious sandwiches (we love the chicken cutlet sandwich!). And now just like that, we’re all hungry.

4. By Chloe: There are multiple locations all across Manhattan, so take your pick. Salads, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, sweets, and Brunch! Take your pick again, this place has tons of options for everyone. It can be hard to get a seat at times for certain locations, so be ready to grab and go.

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5. Rip’s Malt Shop: This Brooklyn luncheonette brings you with love American-classic vegan, comfort food! Need delicious protein? This place has ’em. Full of plant-based protein, this joint brings you burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and ice cream! We hear your stomach growling! There’s nothing simple about the food here. Just checking out the photos on their site will make you crave these delicious meals.

Other honorable mentions are the following (in no particular order): The Cinnamon Snail, Blossom Du Jour, Beyond Sushi, Terri , Vegetarian Palate, Loving Hut, and Dao Palate. Stop by these places and grab a bite, you won’t regret tasting all the deliciousness vegan food provides!

Which place are you dying to try? Comment below!