Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: How To Utilize Farmers’ Markets Near YouCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: How To Utilize Farmers’ Markets Near You

By Ivana Jarmon

The farmers’ market has been a food trend for a very long time and has some of the freshest and tastiest fruit and vegetable available. The farmers’ market offers food of a superior quality, and you’re guaranteed real freshness that most grocery stores don’t have. Your local farmers’ market can be found somewhere in your town or a neighboring one, and a schedule can usually be found on your town’s website or newsletter.

Check out some ways to utilize farmers’ markets near you:

1. Educational: Farmers’ markets are not just markets, but they also provide an educational system to learn about your food. Those are farmers’ markets can teach you how food is grown.

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2. Supporting local business: By taking advantage of your local farmers’ market, you help support your neighbor’s business, which gives you the opportunity to get to know your neighbor and community. By knowing your farmer, you know your food.

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3. Why you should utilize your farmers market over a supermarket: Although grocery stores do carry a small amount of local and organic products, most cannot equal farmers markets in the variety and quality of local foods, let alone guarantee a farmer’s fair price. Shopping at a farmers’ market is also a unique experience where shoppers and farmers get to know each other, help each other and do business.

What are some ways to utilize your local farmers’ market? Comment below.