Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Incorporate Coconut Into Your MealsCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Incorporate Coconut Into Your Meals

By Courtney Shapiro

There are several foods that taste good, but also have a bunch of benefits. One of the new food trends on the radar right now is eating more coconut.Coconut can be eaten in many ways due to the meat inside as well as the water or milk you can take from the fruit. The fruit also gets used in various beauty products and is super versatile. We’ve got some food advice on why you’ll want to add coconut into your diet.

Check out our reasons why coconut should be included in your diet

1. The oil is healthier: Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for butter especially in baking. The oil doesn’t produce free radicals, the cells that kill working cells, and it has a longer shelf life. Coconut oil is also used in various beauty products!

2. Versatility: This super fruit can be cooked and eaten in many different way including toasting it for desserts or using the meat for savory dishes. If you blend the flesh of the fruit with the water, it creates coconut milk, which is used as a substitute in ice cream or yogurt.

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3. Hydration: Unknown to most people, but the popular hipster trend is actually more hydrating than regular water. Coconut water is isotonic, meaning it has the same amount of electrolytes as our blood.If you sweat, coconut water replaces the lost water in your body at a faster rate.

4. Anti Aging Properties: Coconut is rich in nutrients that promote cell division. Coconut also helps to prevent blood clots, and inhibits cancer development.These will help keep the body healthy for years in the future.

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5. Coconuts boost energy: This food item gets directly converted into energy. It also helps regulate blood sugar,and it’s pretty filling, meaning you can go longer before eating again. Coconut is great for eating less as well as preventing fatigue.

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