Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Pop the Cork!Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Pop the Cork!

By Emma L. Wells and Mara Miller

While wine tasting at a vineyard is an excellent and romantic date idea, it can also be costly and hard to arrange if you don’t live near a winery or the savings for a trip. Even better: you don’t need to head to Napa to enjoy a romantic and fun night with your beau for your next date night!

Let the wine and conversation flow this weekend with this date idea!

Wine tasting can actually be an easy and cheap date idea in this dating advice. Try visiting different restaurants and bars in your area. At each location, ask for a glass of your server’s favorite wine. If you want to stick within a certain price point or have a preference of red versus white, it’s totally acceptable to share when you order. Just say something like, “We’d really like to try a glass of your favorite white wine, preferably in the 10-20 dollar range.”

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Ask your server why this particular wine is their favorite or where the grapes were grown; that way, you can learn a little bit about each wine you taste. Test your palate and see if you can taste what they’re talking about. You might even consider bringing along a wine tasting guide. A simple Google search will bring up many options to get you started. Take notes on your phone to help you remember what wines you liked best (either the name of the wine or even just the region of the vineyard).

This date idea can be as flexible or planned as you want. You may prefer to scope out restaurants or bars ahead of time and make an itinerary for the evening. If you want to be a bit more spontaneous, just pick a starting point, enjoy your first glass of wine, and then stroll around the block until you find your next spot.

To make the most of this dating advice, think about heading out earlier in the evening so you snag the happy hour deals. After a few stops, find a good spot for a nice dinner. Consider switching it up by ordering your favorite wine for your partner to try. If they don’t like it, you know it won’t go to waste!

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Making this date idea a success is easy; just be open to trying new things and having fun. As the wine flows, so will the conversation. Location hopping will help you get to know your hometown better, and you may even find a new favorite place to hang out.

Tell us about your favorite wine tasting adventure with your partner!