Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: One, Two, Walk in My ShoesCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: One, Two, Walk in My Shoes

By Amanda Boyer and Mara Miller

Dates with your special someone don’t have to be the same week after week. To change up your usual nights of dinner and your favorite television shows, follow your partner during their typical day and be an active part of it. This date idea will not only give you insight into your sweetheart’s typical routine, but you’ll have new things to talk about when the day is over.

Follow Your Honey Around with This Date Idea

Even if you aren’t a morning person, you still have to roll out of bed when your honey’s alarm goes off. If he’s an early gym-goer, put your exercise gear on. With your beau by your side, you’re sure to make it through that grueling workout. You can jump on treadmills next to each other to encourage each other during a warm-up run and then help each other count reps in the weight room. By the end of the workout, you’ll forget how much you wanted to hit that snooze button!

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After a shower and some breakfast, it’s time to head to work. On this weekend date idea, see if you can go into the office to really see what your partner does every day at work. It’ll help you better understand their daily tasks if you’re actually there to see them complete them. Plus, it’ll be a turn-on to see them so focused and powerful!

Instead of a normal lunch break with their co-workers, follow this love advice: Use this opportunity for an afternoon date together. Ask your partner to take you to their go-to restaurant near work. You’ve seen them bring home leftovers enough; you’ll be excited to finally get to try to the yummy food! After you finish eating, if it’s nice out, take a romantic stroll before you go back to work.

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When five o’clock rolls around, punch out. Swing by the grocery store if needed and cook a favorite recipe tonight. Since you spent the whole day together, your dinner conversation will be a bit different than usual. Talk about what you learned about your partner today. Tomorrow, you can switch roles and show your significant other how you usually spend your day!

Ever spend the day shadowing your significant other? Share your stories and dating advice below!