Cupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Hit the GymCupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Hit the Gym

One of the most beautiful Hollywood couples is making sure to stay that way. Photographed Sunday leaving a local gym in Bedford, NY, Blake Lively, 24, and boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, 35, looked as happy as ever, reports People.  The couple recently bought a $2 million dollar home together in Bedford. After meeting on the set of The Green Lantern, the celebrity couple got together near the end of 2011. The two are still going strong, spending all their time together redecorating their new house, while taking breaks to work (and work out).

What are some ways to get healthy as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Keeping your body healthy is important, but it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself. Having your partner’s help in that area can certainly help. Cupid has some tips on getting healthy as a couple:

1. Get gym memberships:  Take a hint from Blake and Ryan, as the two look amazing! Fitness is important, and working out with a partner can give you the little push you need to do those 10 extra sit ups or run that extra mile. Besides, letting your partner see you totally sweaty after a hard work out will help you two become closer and more comfortable around one another

 2. Prepare healthy meals together: One key ingredient in living a healthy lifestyle is eating right. You and your partner can count on each other to make sure that you cut out the fats and include more good foods, like fruits and veggies, in your daily diet. You can use the prep time as a great way to connect with your partner; cooking can be fun and romantic when you are with someone you love.

 3. Do something active on date night: Instead of going to see another movie where you load up on popcorn and soda, skip the sitting and plan a more active dateGo on a hike and have a romantic picnic, or go ice-skating in the winter. Aside from being healthier, you will have more opportunity to talk with your partner, and probably have more fun.

What are some ways you stay healthy in your relationships?  Share your thoughts below.