Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend:  5 Ways Pickles Are Better Than Bread on SandwichesCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend:  5 Ways Pickles Are Better Than Bread on Sandwiches

By Bonnie Griffin

With ever-changing diet fads, food trends often come and go as quickly as the season, but every now and then one trend offers great flavor and doubles as a healthy food option. That is precisely what pickle sandwiches offer at Elsie’s Sandwich Shop in New Jersey, according to This sandwich shop has replaced the bread on their sandwiches with large halved pickles, and the response has been amazing. From people watching their weight to those with bread allergies, people are raving about these pickle sandwiches.

Food Trend: How to make your sandwich stand out with a delicious bread substitute!

Whether you are trying to eat healthy, avoid carbs, or simply cannot eat bread because of allergies, replacing bread with pickles on a sandwich can be a delicious alternative. Not only are pickles fat-free, but they are an inexpensive way to cut those carbs if you’re following the keto diet, or simply trying to eat better.

1. Carb-free: With so many people choosing the keto diet as their preferred weight loss method, it is always great to find a new carb-friendly food option that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also tastes good. Replacing the bread on your sandwiches with pickles will eliminate all those unhealthy carbs and offer a guilt-free meal to those living the keto lifestyle.

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2. Food allergies: For those who have bread allergies it can be frustrating when you find yourself unable to eat something as simple as a sandwich. Using pickles in the place of bread offers an affordable alternative. Add to that the issues ordering food at restaurants, and having pickles substituted for your bread can help open up more options when not eating at home.

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3. Fat-free and low calories: Maybe you’re not just counting carbs, but you are still working hard to count your calories and eat within a healthy daily caloric limit. Unlike bread, pickles are fat-free and very low in calories.

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4. Extra flavor:  Sure, bread can be tasty, but it has nothing on the zippy flavor of pickles. Adding a few pickles to your ordinary sandwich might give it some extra flavor, but just imagine the flavor fireworks that replacing your bread with pickles will set off on your taste buds.

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5. Antioxidants and probiotics:  Not only are pickles great tasting and carb and fat-free, but they offer certain antioxidants that are beneficial to your health, and since they are not cooked, the antioxidants are not cooked away and are preserved. According to, pickles also contain probiotic bacteria that “actually help us in the digestion of food.”

When finding healthy options that still taste good and don’t break the bank can seem like too much work, pickle sandwiches are here to save the day and taste good while doing it! What are some other ways to ditch the bread while still enjoying a sandwich?