Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: She’s Engaged! Temptation Island Reality Star, Morgan Lolar Talks About Falling in Love with Evan SmithCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: She’s Engaged! Temptation Island Reality Star, Morgan Lolar Talks About Falling in Love with Evan Smith

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Courtney Shapiro

When filming began for the rebooted reality sensation, Temptation Island, Morgan Lolar came to Hawaii as a single woman with no expectations of falling in love. But love hit her hard when she met Evan Smith, a man who came on the show confused about the status of his relationship with long-term girlfriend, Kaci Campbell. Now, Evan and Morgan are happily engaged and they couldn’t be more excited for their future together!

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with Morgan about her initial connection with Evan, the scenes that didn’t make it on the show as well as why going on Temptation Island was the best decision she’s ever made.

Check out our celebrity interview with Morgan Lolar to hear all about her time on Temptation Island:

1. You seem so charismatic and confident. Why explore love on a reality show, especially when you know that people are in relationships and may not be single?

That was actually the hardest part for me. I almost didn’t even go on the show. The night before the producers called me and were like your flight is in a few hours, are you going? I was like ‘uh’ I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. My friends convinced me to go on the plane. I could see myself being on a reality show, but I never saw myself being on a dating reality show. So, it was very hard for me, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, So, I am so happy that I did it.

2.  Were you nervous about falling for someone who was either just ending a relationship or confused about the status of their relationship?

Yes, initially that was one of the reasons I was scared to go on the show because I didn’t want to interfere with someone’s relationship. But, I was assured several times that these couples were at extreme crossroads, and they were basically stuck in their relationships and were scared to meet other people because they didn’t think they would get the time they needed to meet other people because of dating nowadays. Anyone can relate to that and I feel like a lot of people have been in relationships where they are just with the person because they’re comfortable, and I know that I have done that before too. So, I sympathize with that and was like okay, I will try it.

3. Did you all of the worst case scenarios in your head before the show? For example, what if I fall for someone and they are with someone, how do I prepare myself for that, etc?

Absolutely not, I didn’t prepare myself for anything. When my family and friends convinced me to do it, they said ‘Morgan, your dating life here [In D.C.] sucks, you’re not happy right now, you’ve never been to Hawaii, it’s gonna be fun, so just go and do it.’ So basically my head was like I am going to make friends and have fun. I definitely did not think that I was going to fall in love with somebody at all. It goes to show that the best things happen when you are not expecting them at all.

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4. What was life like before you appeared on the show, did you have to leave a job?

I’m a real estate agent, so I have a really flexible schedule. Also, what makes it even better is that my mom is also a real estate agent in the area. She lives about 7 miles away from me, so when they were convincing me to go she was like, I will take care of whatever it is that you need me to take care of. It is going to be fine, you are going. I really didn’t have an excuse. My job wasn’t going to be affected.

5. You and Evan seemed to really hit it off. Was there any initial hesitation and what convinced you to go all in?

As everyone saw, there was the whole confrontation that happened the first night we were in the house. I had not talked to Evan at all really. I really didn’t get any words in with him. So, my first real interaction was me screaming at him that I don’t like him. It started out really rocky, but after he asked me out on that first date, it was maybe two sentences into talking to him and I was like ‘whoa’ this is not what I expected. We hit it off right away.

6. What was it that attracted you to him?

That is the thing that is so funny. I thought he was attractive initially. I said to Katherine, ‘Oh, he is really attractive’ and she took that and ran with it and told him that I liked him. Which, of course anyone would probably get frustrated over that. But, mostly what attracted me to him was once we were on our first date, I kind of messed with him a little bit. I’m extremely dry with my humor and I’m sarcastic, and right away he just got it. He was cool with it and really funny. He let me mess with him and he really just got my humor right away. We were laughing the entire time.

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7. Were there any particular scenes that the viewers didn’t see that you wish they did?

Oh my gosh. Are there any? Almost like every episode I was like ‘what’ they aren’t showing what actually happened. I know they don’t have the time to do that and I guess it is more entertaining to watch us make out in slow-mo than it is for us to talk about our lives and stuff.

But in terms of a specific time, we were talking about our lives growing up and I have a twin brother and a little sister and he has two brothers. We would talk about the things that we would do when were little and he asked me to tell him something that I did when I was little that I still do now. I told him that he was going to think I was such a weirdo, but I still make forts sometimes. I don’t know why I do it, but it is really weird. He would make fun of me for it, but then a few days later, I go up to his room, and he made me a fort. It was like the cutest thing that you’ve ever seen. He had taken like all the chairs and seats and stuff and made this really cute fort. We hung out in there, and they didn’t show it. I was like, that would have been something to get to know us and our relationship. He is so sweet and they don’t show that.

8. On a scale of 1-10, what were your feelings for Evan on the show?

It went from a negative five to a 10 really, really, really fast. It was our first date. I think he said the same thing. After our first date, I was like oh wow, this guy, I really, really like him. It was quick. It was crazy.

9. Can you tell us what your status is now and your future?

Yes, I am actually engaged now! It’s actually the most exciting thing in my entire life! I didn’t expect this at all, it’s crazy. He hid it so well. I had no idea. He is so frickin’ sweet.

So, apparently my engagement got leaked on Twitter or something. The guy who posted it, said it was the fourth time that he proposed. It is so funny because the camera crew were there, so it happened and I was like bawling. He did it so perfectly, but they had to film it again, so he had to get back on his knee again. The entire time, I am just still crying because I am in shock that this happened. So, it wasn’t fake like they made it seem, like he didn’t do it right four times. They made it seem like it wasn’t cute but it was beautiful the entire time and he did it perfect. That is something that bothers me but it is what it is.

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10. So here is Evan proposing to you and confirming his commitment to you in the biggest way. But what are you feeling about the other side of this, about Kaci? What are you thinking knowing what she went through?  You are a woman, there must be something going through your head.

First of all, you mentioned proving his commitment to me. I have never felt like that at all with Evan. I don’t understand, and I wasn’t in their relationship, but with him and I, I don’t question him at all. There is nothing to ever make me think that I’m not number one in his life. That is also why I was really shocked because I wasn’t pushing him to propose or anything. So, I think it just goes to show that when you know, you know. He wanted to do it and was excited to do it. That’s what made it even more special, because I wasn’t expecting him to propose to me. It’s only been six months.

11. How long were you together when he proposed?

We went on our first date on September 16th, and he proposed on February 25th, so we figured out that it was five months and a day. It’s actually a really cute story because Evan is really close with my parents now and my dad was talking to him and told him, ‘you know it’s really funny because I proposed to Morgan’s mom after five months exactly.” He didn’t know that and now you proposed to Morgan in five months and one day.’ My parents have been together for 25 years now.

12. So what was life like after the show. You have to have this secret love and you can’t say anything, what was that like?

It is really hard to keep someone that you love and want to be with all the time hidden. It’s impossible, my friends all know him here, but we always have to do something at somebody’s house. We can’t really go to the bars. Once the show started, we would be at the gym and someone would recognize us so we now Evan can’t go to the gym and I was like you can bench press me if you want and he was like, that’s not going to work. It is really hard. It is a lot harder than than people think it would be, especially because it has been a long time. It’s been like six months.

13. So what is your future? Where are you guys living?

After the show ended, which was around October 5th, we stayed in Hawaii for 2 days and then we flew to California. He stayed in California for an extra day and then packed all of his stuff and flew to D.C. He’s been living with me ever since. We have spent every single day together. We’re more in love every day. We just love one another. And it is so cool because there is no one in the world going through what I am going through right now with the hate and and all of this stuff. It is really bad except for him. He is going through it too. It is really sad. We are the villains of the show but we are the only ones who found love. There are days when he is getting beat up by the media, but he knows that he can just come and hug me because he knows that I understand it. He knows that I am going through the same thing that he is going through.

14. How do you handle all of the haters and social media in general?

We tell ourselves it is love, it’s just love. Learn about it.

15. Was there anything you would have done differently on the show, or do you have any regrets about the way that things were handled?

I don’t have any regrets about how things went with us. It is just how the show made it seem. It made it seem like Evan and I were  sleeping together right away, when he didn’t even kiss me until our third date together. It made it seem like after our first date we were sleeping together. That’s Reality TV though, it has to look more interesting. Other people were sleeping together, but we were the only ones shown doing it. It’s crazy. The one thing I would change is that I said the F word a lot, but that is probably it.

16. Let’s go back to Kaci. Do her and Evan talk? Do you know anything going on with her?

They do not speak at all anymore. She was messaging him all the time and he was very honest with me. He would show me the stuff that she was saying. It was a lot. She was asking him to come back and crazy things. Finally he asked her to stop contacting him, because it wasn’t fair to me. Then on New Years we were sitting with my family, watching It’s a Wonderful Life and she texted him 27 messages in a row.

17. What’s next for you guys? Would you do a spin-off or more reality TV?

We would love to do more reality TV just because we’re hilarious together. We balance each other out so well. He is super emotional, while I’m not. I feel like I’m the funny one, since he laughs at every single thing I do. We’re just super cute. We balance each other out super well. So I think it would be really good. We want to do something like the Challenge just because we’re both college athletes, and we have a really fun dynamic.

18. Are you thinking about wedding plans? 

Evan is; he already started thinking about all of that. He wants to get married in the spring or summer of 2020. I feel really happy about that. He’s just so great. He is like the planner, and I’m not at all. I am more go with the flow. I feel so so lucky!

I don’t know what’s next. We are just in love. We are both just so happy. This is the best thing that I have ever done. It is so crazy. Love is love you know, and it’s one of the best decisions I made, which is crazy because I almost didn’t go.

This season of Temptation Island may be over, but you can still  keep up with Morgan and her love story by following her on Twitter and Instagram.