Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Temptation Island’ Star Dr. Johnny Alexander Dishes On What It’s Like Being a Reality TV StarCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Temptation Island’ Star Dr. Johnny Alexander Dishes On What It’s Like Being a Reality TV Star

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Courtney Shapiro

Dr. Johnny Alexander is one of the sexy singles living it up in Hawaii on the newly rebooted first season of ‘Temptation Island’. Alexander lives in New York where he recently opened his own sports chiropractor office. Since most of his time has been spent focusing on his career, Dr. Johnny has put his love life on the back burner. Now, with a booming business, he’s ready to find the woman of his dreams.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we talk with Dr. Alexander about his career as a chiropractor, his time on Temptation Island, and how life has changed after being on a reality show.

Check out our celebrity interview with Dr. Johnny to get an inside look on his experience as a cast member on ‘Temptation Island’:

1.  With such a great career and your own practice, what inspired you to go on Temptation Island?

With my career and running a business, I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like to. I’ve never been to Hawaii before this, so I figured even if I don’t find love, at least I’ll do a cool trip somewhere and get to see Hawaii for the first time. I guess that was kind of what pushed me to do it. The opportunity came up and they called me and I flew to LA. The casting and interview process was three days and then I flew home on a Sunday and they immediately called me and said we want you to go on the show, we are going to fly you to Hawaii in 10 days. It was a quick turn around.

2. How long were you taping in Hawaii? And, what did your patients think of you being gone?

Yes, I actually made it pretty far on the show. I think that I was gone about a month. It was hard but it was all worth it. I had told patients that I was going to be gone for a week or two, that turned into a month. So they had to call the patients who were already scheduled with me and push their appointments another week or two. So, I definitely had some explaining to do when I got back. But, I had to keep things private until the show got announced.

3. Did you consider how being on a reality television series would impact your business? 

Well being on a show, I was definitely worried about how this would impact my business. It could have went bad for me if I was drinking or saying something stupid that could be used in a negative way. I was definitely worried but once I got there, I stayed true to myself. I was a class act professional. I am not thinking for a second about anything that happened in Hawaii as far as my career goes. I thought if anything, it is a good way to get my name out there. New York City is a pretty competitive place to have a business so sometimes it can be good exposure to get your face out there. It could go against you too if you are out there doing things you are not proud of then it can definitely hurt you. It is a 50/50 shot, I figured.

4. How is life different now than before the show aired?

Yesterday, I had a new patient come into the office and we were talking about running. And then during the conversation, she was like I just realized who you are from the show. I was like, is this how I am going to be known from now on? So, instead of being known as the chiropractor that treats a lot of sports injuries, now I am going to be known as the guy from Temptation Island who walks around in a tank top. It is still positive. It’s just important that people realize that I’m a chiropractor. I do have a real career and I’m a real person.

5. We watched this love story unfold between you and Kady. What was it about her that interested you and was different than the women you have dated or met in New York?

I know. There are millions of people [in NYC], you are a social guy, you have a lot of friends, how do you not meet girls that you want to date? You know it’s tough to meet the right person in a setting where you may not see the same person over and over again. New York is so big, so when I take a break from my career or working and seeing patients, and I try to do something social, you are not going to see the same people like at the gym, or at the bar so you really need to go over to them and be like “Hey, I think you are beautiful, can I get your number.” So, it’s hard to meet people organically in New York. There are so many people, so many options and so many different crowds. I haven’t really met anyone who hits my whole check list yet.

So, with Kady, we clicked off the bat. She was looking for something that she hasn’t found at home. We have similar personalities. We are very outgoing. Her and I could walk into a room full of strangers and after an hour we’d know everyone in the room. We confide in each other a little bit. Her situation was definitely unique. It was hard in her position to flirt with somebody and be in a relationship. I didn’t want to push boundaries but she did seem pretty open to it. I think it was after our date at the Luau that I realized maybe there was long term potential. So, I wanted to explore what I was feeling with her versus trying to get to know other people. She said that I brought out a side of her that she hasn’t felt in a a long time. So, I think we were both just living in the moment and being like you know what lets just see what happens. She still had a lot to figure out with her boyfriend of three years, and I was in NYC so we weren’t getting caught up on how to make it work long term. I just figured if it was the right person, then it doesn’t matter.

6. You said on one of the episodes, “I feel like I prayed for you every single day.” Can you elaborate on this?

Yes, Kady is so fun and down to earth and beautiful. She has this amazing adventure for life that I haven’t really found in other girls that I have dated. The girls that I have dated have been traditionally good on paper but after a while it fizzles out. It is tough to find someone who keeps up with me. I have a lot of energy, I’m always going, and finding someone that seems like they are down for the ride, is tough.

7. Watching the show now, what do you think about the way Kady treated John and the things she said about him?

For the record, during our time on Temptation Island she was not saying these things in front of me. But, now that I am seeing it on TV I am like, ” Wow,that is a little harsh.” I think that John is a good guy and he deserves a woman who is going to be appreciative of him. I don’t think they were a good fit. I don’t give her props for the way that she kind of badmouthed him, but I do understand where she’s coming from. I just feel that they weren’t right for each other.

8. Would you ever consider doing the Bachelor?

I would totally do it. I feel like there are a million guys though but I am a yes guy. So, I would do it. But I dont think I would do well because I am too real.

Is there anything you can tell us about the relationship with Kady?

Without giving away too much, when the show ended, we talked pretty much every day. She is in Dallas and I’m in New York. We are really close but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be figured out, if her and I are going to choose to be together. The way that we just kinda left it is that I would let her go back to her situation and figure that out. If I was the next step then that would happen. But this is really tough. This is real life stuff. I think John was going to propose at the end of this if it went well. So, I am not too sure where his head is at.

10. So, what’s next for you?

Like I said, I am a “yes” man. I like taking life by the horns. I’m really focused on my practice right now and getting involved with some cross fit gyms. That has really been my passion and my dream. I am a doctor for a couple of different teams and working with these athletes that are really at a high level of performance. That is what my focus in on. In the meantime, if something fun like this were to come my way, I would say “yes” to almost any opportunity.

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