Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Wear Layers Without Looking ChunkyCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How to Wear Layers Without Looking Chunky

By Mara Miller

Layering your clothes can be fun, but it can look awkward if you don’t do it right. Why would anyone want to look like a huge marshmallow? We’ve got some fashion tips and fashion advice on how to layer to stay warm without looking chunky!

Fashion Tips: How to Wear Layers Without Looking Chunky

1. Start with the thin layers first: Start with a cami or tank top first. The idea with this is to end with the thickest layer so that you can easily take it off later. Neutral colors that will look good under whatever you layer with are best.

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2. Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks give you the warmth of a sweater without the added bulk. The extra fabric around your neck will keep you from freezing before you put on your next layer.

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3. Coats: Think a contoured coat that goes more with your shape than, say, a puffer coat, if you’re worried about looking chunky. Or try a trench coat, which can be cinched at the waist and will elongate your figure.

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4. Fleece leggings: Leggings are great since they conform to your shape without the extra bulk. They can double as long johns and you can put a pair of jeans over them, or style them with a sweater dress and boots for a trendier look.

5. Knitted scarf: This is a must, especially in colder weather. A scarf will help your turtleneck keep you warmer and you can use it to add in some fun pops of color. Scarves can also be the bulkiest part of the outfit without making you look bigger.

6. Boots and socks: If you really need to, double up with your socks. No one is going to see how many pairs you’re wearing. Use knee-high or thigh-high boots to trap in some warmth around your legs.

7. Accessorize: Use whatever you want to top off the look. A watch, some bracelets, a knitted hat that will fit under the hood of your coat. And these are only a few samples! Play around with the items in your closet to see which layered look is best for you.

Layering can be a lot of fun but no one wants to look chunky. What layering fashion tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below!