Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Find the Perfect HostelCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Find the Perfect Hostel

By Ivana Jarmon

Staying in hostels is one of the hottest traveling trends right now. Hostels are more about making a connection with the people you meet than the actual place. They are one of the best ways to save money. But, finding a good hostel isn’t always easy. It’s also really easy to get sucked into the first reasonable accommodation that appears, which can be risky. Cupid has some travel tips on how to find the perfect hostel.

Travel Tips: Find Out How to Find the Perfect Hostel!

1. Do your research: Before you go, you will want to research the discount lodging card options for your destinations. One of the most common discount cards is the (IH)card International Hostelling, acceptable at any YHA hostel worldwide. There are many countries where hostels are at the top of the market, such as New Zealand and Australia. By checking the cards and packages offered, you may save a lot on your lodging.

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2. Check your accommodations: When you’re staying at a hostel ,you have to remember it isn’t like a hotel, meaning the things that you would normally get aren’t necessarily available. Also, hostels are usually shared rooms with others, which means you may have to share unless you specifically booked a single room. You will want to ask yourself, what are your must-haves? What are you willing to give up? Do you require lockers that you can rent, free internet, washer and dryer, irons, etc?

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3. Set your budget: There are a lot of hostel websites that have a filter feature that allows you to filet hostels based on your budget. Remember expensive hostels aren’t necessarily a good thing and vice versa with cheap ones. Prices can differ from city to city. So be wise with your choice in a hostel.

4. Read the fine print: Before booking your hostel, make sure you read everything available. Certain hostels have curfews and check-in and check out policies. Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for so that you can get your money’s worth.

5. Make your reservation: When you book your hostel, go to the direct website first because some airport sites have booking fees attached when buying your ticket. Check out websites such as Hostelworld or Hostelbookers. Staying at a hostel is always an interesting experience. Even if you only try it once, it’s worth it!

What are some tips on how to find the perfect hostel? Share your thoughts below.