Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan Your First Getaway Together as a CoupleCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan Your First Getaway Together as a Couple

By Courtney Shapiro

Taking a trip together as a couple is a big step forward in your relationship. There are several aspects that need to be planned out before going on vacation. Check out our travel advice for you and your partner’s first trip together.

Here are a few travel tips to plan your first getaway as a couple:

1. Come up with a budget or payment plan: Obviously any vacation you and your partner take is going to cost money. Figure out how much you want to spend, and how the two of you are going to take care of your travel expenses.

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2. Decide what you both want to see:.Your idea of a vacation might be different from your partner’s. Pick a place that interests both of you, and figure out what you can see while you’re there so each of you can be satisfied.

3. Figure out what type of trip you’re planning: Are you planning a tropical getaway, a strenuous exploration, or something in the middle? Discuss what the best option would be for you as a couple, and decide the best way to spend your time together.

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4. Do something special for the two of you: No matter where you end up on vacation, you should plan something that will be memorable for your future. The whole vacation could be special to you and your partner since it is just the two of you, but maybe you could take it to the next level and give yourselves a special night out.

5. Try something new: Going to a new place with your partner could be the perfect time to try something different. Be adventurous together and eat a new food, or share an experience that you probably would not have normally done.

What are some your travel tips for a couple’s first getaway? Comment below.