Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan a Debt-Free VacationCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan a Debt-Free Vacation

By Jessica Gomez

Most of us love traveling and have a list of places we wish to go to before we kick the bucket. Making a bucket list with all the places you wish to visit is a great first step. Traveling can be such an amazing experience when you’re not stressing out or breaking the bank. Therefore, we all wish to take a vacation that is debt-free, but how? Planning accordingly is your answer. Below are our travel tips!

Here are five steps in the form of travel tips to take toward a debt-free vacay!

1. Create a budget: In order to be able to plan a vacation where you spend the least money and avoid debt, you need to know how much you can and are willing to spend. Do a financial assessment. Calculate your total take-home income, how much all your expenses are (including the amount you wish to save for non-travel related reasons), and lastly — how much you have left that you’re willing to save without bending backwards.

2. Plan your vacation as detailed as possible: It’s all about planning, and planning requires tons of research. Look up the place/s you want to visit on your next vacation, and plan what you want to do there. Plan everything from flights and stay, to activities and food. After that, it’s time to put a price on everything. Once you know how much the whole vacation will cost, you know whether it is possible for you to afford it or if you have to exclude a thing or two — sometimes more.

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3. Use apps & sites to find cheap flights: There are many apps and websites that cut you deals on flights, and hotels also. However, when it comes to your stay, you should decide whether a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, or an apartment/house rental is the best option for you. One option is to check out these apartments for rent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The good news is that finding cheap travel won’t be difficult. Websites like¬†will compare the flight prices of many websites, showing you the most affordable price for you. Just make sure to always use a private tab when searching up hotel and flight prices in order to avoid cookies and sudden price fluctuations (the increasing kind aka the unwanted kind).

4. Save money over time: After planning and calculating, you should have a lot covered. Now you must plan to save a little each week. Of course this will depend on how soon you plan to take your trip. Planning as soon as possible is essential so that you can save as much money as possible.

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5. Be open to change: Sometimes after planning your vacation, things don’t go accordingly — and that’s okay. Be prepared for change and stay motivated. The more you plan, the easier change can be because you already have the information you need in-hand. Be open to having to change your vacation destination, or having to change the time, or other parts of your trip. As long as you follow the guidelines above, you should be okay when planning any trip.

Enjoy, we know that vacation is much needed! What destination are you planning on traveling to next?