Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Men Who Want to Date Women Their AgeCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Men Who Want to Date Women Their Age

By Gillian Lee

In this week’s Single In Stiletto’s dating advice video, founder and love expert Suzanne Oshima talks to Robert Manni about men who want to date women their age. Watch the video above and read the article below for some dating tips in your life!

Dating Women Their Own Age


Robert Manni is the author of “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love.” Manni is based in New York City, and he wanted to write a novel that was based in his area from the male point of view.

1. Experience: There are a lot of cultural differences if there’s a large age gap, so you have to keep up with each other. A lot of guys would much rather date people who are age appropriate. “Women who have been around a little bit have some experience and maturity, money, and power and connections, these things are all important,” Manni states. It’s important to be on the same wavelength as each other when you’re talking about jobs.

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2. Empathy: Older women may have more empathy when it comes to “real-life scenarios.” They’re going to understand the feeling of ‘having to go find another job’ and other examples. They’re going to understand more than 22-year-old women would. Don’t worry about the guys who want to date younger women using dating apps, because they won’t be able to change!

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