Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 5 Work Outfits that are Perfect for SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 5 Work Outfits that are Perfect for Summer

By Courtney Shapiro

Summer fashion is always so much fun. Everything is lighter, including the colors, the patterns, and the fabrics used. Even though summer wardrobes are exciting, it can be hard to find the perfect summer outfit that is also work appropriate. Read some fashion advice below on how to beat the heat, with the best outfits for the workplace.

Heat up the office with style. What are some work outfit ideas for summer?

Summer is the perfect time to up the fashion game. Stores have released their lighter clothes, and it is the time of year to experiment with new styles, and patterns. However, keeping the outfits workplace appropriate in the ridiculous heat can be a challenge. Here are some fashion trends to keep you cool and stylish:

1. Jumpsuits: These are such a fun option. Jumpsuits come in all different styles and can work for any season. In the summer, they are more flowy, and usually have light or no sleeves.The look is effortless, and can easily be dressed up with the right accessories. Depending on the dress code of the work space, a sleeveless jumpsuit is ideal for the sticky weather.

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2. Maxi dresses: Like jumpsuits maxi dresses are easy to dress up for the workplace. Find the right pair of sandals, a couple of statement jewelry pieces, and your outfit is good to go.  Since there are so many options, it can be hard to determine what is best for work. Try steering clear of cotton and strapless styles,as it looks too casual for the office vibe. Save those choices for the beach instead.

3. Flow pants: These could be an option if the workplace has a more casual dress code. You could do flow pants Friday and end the work week on a breezy and cool note. Most of the time flow pants are patterned, so choose a solid top, and some cute shoes, then you are all set.

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4. Shirt dresses: Don’t confuse these with T-Shirt dresses. Those are more casual and would be better for going out with friends. A shirt dress is usually made of light non-clingy material, and will be a statement piece for sure. You will look professional, yet still look cute. Workplace clothes don’t have to be boring pantsuits, so have fun with the summer styles.

5. White button down/white pants: White is a staple color in the summer. It is important to have these options in your closet, as you can easily pair them with other patterns or colors. Don’t brush these styles aside, since the light material will definitely help you conquer the heat.

Have any other work appropriate outfit ideas for summer? Let us know below!