Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 5 Outfit Ideas for Labor Day WeekendCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Advice: 5 Outfit Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

By Rhodesia Williams

Labor Day is the last hoorah of the summer. With school back in session soon or returning back to work Tuesday morning, it’s only right to go all out! Whether you are hanging out on the beach or enjoying a nice BBQ, end the summer with a bang! Enjoy some fashion advice to make your outfit shine brighter than the fireworks.

Labor Day Weekend is the last event of the summer. What are some outfit ideas for the infamous weekend?

Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer so you have to make it count. While sometimes weather can be hard to predict, there is always an outfit for the occasion. Everyone knows the saying, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Whether you believe it or not, including white in your outfit will fit perfectly. Here are some outfit ideas for the big weekend:

1. Calm and casual: As hot as it can be, you may not feel like getting super dressed up. That’s okay because keeping things calm and casual always works. A cute skirt with a tank top can be just enough especially if you accessorize. Adding jewelry to your outfit will not only make your outfit pop, but you will definitely shine like a diamond.

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2. Dress to the ‘T’: Similar to the calm and casual look, don’t be afraid to wear a T-shirt. Buying a cute T-shirt or even a polo will be just right for Labor Day. This look works if you are attending a BBQ with outdoor activities. Its quick, simple, and can still be stylish. You can even use this if you plan on changing clothes. There’s nothing wrong with an outfit change.

3. Maxi madness: It goes without saying that maxi dresses are the simplest outfit idea. Finding a cute Labor Day maxi dress won’t be too hard. The traditional red, white, and blue colors for Labor Day gives you a lot to work with. Printed or striped dresses are typical; however, there are many ways to get creative. For example, a red maxi dress with jewelry or shoes to match will do wonders. The possibilities are endless!

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4. Summer dress: Not everyone is into maxi dresses which is totally fine. Finding a cute summer dress will be just fine. Although red, white and blue are traditional Labor Day colors, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Finding a cute summer dress that fits your style is always a good idea. Not only will you stand out, but it shows that you decided to be different. Remember, standing out doesn’t mean you are standing alone. Even if you are the only one not wearing red, white and blue, just know you did what others were scared to do.

5. Nice top: Finding a cute top to wear is a good idea. If you happen to be in a rush or received an invite to a gathering short notice, your best option is to find a cute top. Sometimes it’s frustrating finding a full outfit, so just focus on the important part — the top. What will catch people’s eye is the top you pick. Either going traditional or not, make sure it’s you. Comfort is always a must!

What are some outfit ideas for Labor Day? Share below.