Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Celebs Create In The Name of LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Celebs Create In The Name of Love

By Yolanda Shoshana

Everyday it seems like another celebrity is announcing a new wine or spirit. It’s hard to keep up, especially when some of them are being quiet about it. There are some famous folks who just put their name on some booze so they can make money. However there are some celebs who do it for love. Below is a list of libations that the stars are putting their heart into.

In The Name of Love Celebrities Libations

Kelsey Grammer was recently in the news due to the possibility of a Frasier reboot. It was exciting news for fans of the show. While Frasier Crane was an avid sherry lover, what you may not know about Grammer is that he’s working on opening a brewery in the Delaware Country near the Catskill Mountains called Faith American Ale. He bought the land over 25 years ago because he loved going to area when he was growing up, starting a celebrity vacation trend. The actor went into rehab in 1996, but has stopped going to AA and enjoys a drink from time to time.

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Somewhere along the way, Sting teamed up with Shaggy, making celebrity news. This has made his music relevant to a whole new set of fans. When not making music, Sting is giving his time to wine. Italy has been one of Sting’s favorite places to spend time with his wife. The iconic couple is making the wine on their estate, Villa II Palagio. All of the wines are named after Sting’s biggest hits, since he says “ a wine is like a song- it has a story to tell”. If you want, you can rent the villa for a romantic getaway and sip copious amounts of Italian wine.

Jensen Ackles is known to his fans as one half of the Winchester boys on Supernatural. When he’s not slaying demons, Ackles is all about beer. He started the brewery, Family Brewing Business, with his wife, Daneel Ackles, who you may know from the show One Tree Hill or One Life To Live. Their goal is to bring people together over good beer, food, and music in their Austin-based tap room. Take Ackles relationship advice: the couple that brews beer together stays together.

Nicki Minaj recently caused a stir on Twitter by claiming her album was delayed due to not being able to have a song cleared by the music legend, Tracy Chapman. Normally the drama that surrounds Minaj is centered around her love life. It’s hard to keep up with the rapper’s controversies. It’s easy to miss that she has a line of bubbly moscatos and sangrias called Myx Fusions. According to Minaj, she didn’t want to create an ordinary wine, though it’s safe to say anything Minaj does wouldn’t be considered ordinary. If only her relationships were as sweet as her line of wine.

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Ryan Phillippe will forever be known for his bad boy role in Cruel Intentions. He’s gone form heartthrob to DILF. I have to admit I was tardy to the Phillippe party until catching his latest show, Shooter. Lately he’s been posting about Phillippe Vineyards. While there has been no formal announcement, it appears as if he is getting into the wine game with his family. Phillippe’s love life is always a bit bumpy, but his love for his family or a glass of wine can’t be denied. Time will tell what he has cooking.

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