Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Attend Taylor Swift ConcertCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Attend Taylor Swift Concert

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively turn up at a Taylor Swift concert. According to, the celebrity couple decided to spend their date night out at the pop star’s concert. Not only did the couple enjoy the concert, but their daughter, James, happens to be in the intro to one of Swift’s songs. The couple were seen jumping and excited to hear the sound of their daughter’s voice. Music is certainly keeping this celebrity relationship interesting.

Celebrity couple Blake and Ryan attended a star-studded concert together. What are some ways music can bring you together as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Music has this magical ability to make things better! Whether you are on a road trip or had a horrible day at work. Hearing your favorite tunes can always save the day. Cupid has some advice on how music can bring you and your partner together as a couple:

1.Bonding: It‚Äôs always a sigh of relief when you are with someone who enjoys the same music as you do. Dancing at home or heading out to a concert, music helps to enjoy your partner even more. After a long day, play some tunes and enjoy each other’s company. Sing your hearts out! There’s nothing wrong with being the main performers at your own private concert.

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2. Keep calm: Music helps to keep things calm. When having a bad day, blasting music almost always helps. When hearing one of your favorite songs play, don’t be surprised if you start with a hum and end with you and your partner putting on a show. Music is like the universe’s band aid, it can help with pain.

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3. Projects: Music could influence different types of projects or hobbies you may want to try. Dance classes are a fun way to keep things spicy in your relationship. Having a romantic paint night with some nice music is always a plus. Maybe you and your partner have a chore like cleaning out the garage. Incorporating music will allow you guys to enjoy it more. Remember, the music will help set the tone. Any music, on the right volume, will be just fine.

What are some ways you think music can bring you and your partner together? Share below.