Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: List Your LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: List Your Love

By Rachel Sparks

We all express love in different ways. Sometimes, just being in the same room doing different things is all your partner needs to feel connected. There are times, though, that we may want to do a little extra in order to express our love. Writing out a list of all the things you love about your partner is a romantic date idea!

Reconnect with your partner with this romantic date idea!

1. Find a cozy environment: Cuddle up next to one another to set the mood. Plan a picnic outside if the weather is nice or stay in during the winter, bundled under a blanket. Make sure to set the mood with candles, music, and a bottle of wine.

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2. List the physical: Are there things you physically love about each other? Does your heart flutter whenever your partner opens his eyes in the morning? Are you obsessed with his beard or the way her hair curls at the nape of her neck? By jotting down these things you notice about each other, you’ll give one another a boost of confidence and strengthen the physical bond you share.

3. List the abstract: What quirks does your sweetheart have that make your day? Is their passion for work inspiring to you? Do they have an annoying habit that actually makes you smile, like talking to themself or singing in the shower? Pick the small, obscure attributes that you’ve never talked about before and let them know that you accept them unconditionally.

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4. List your relationship: Write down the things about your relationship that make you the happiest. Recite your favorite traditions: weekly date nights, pre-sleep cuddles or post-work wind-down sessions. Choose your commonalities and why they make you such a strong couple. Do you share a favorite movie? Explain why quoting it on a daily basis makes your relationship better. Do you both have type-A personalities? Tell your S.O. how you think your similarities and differences make you stronger together. Write down how you’ve grown from each other.

5. Share your list: Whether you go out for dinner for a romantic date night, stay in and watch a movie, or plan a romantic getaway, sharing these lists with each other will boost confidence, strengthen bonds, and reignite passion.

How do you tell your partner that you love him or her? Share your story below!