Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Make the Perfect PlaylistCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Make the Perfect Playlist

By Marissa Donovan

Need a great date idea for this weekend? As the holidays are now upon us, many couples and lovers part ways to spend the season with their respective families. And there’s one way you can make sure your special someone will have you on their mind while you’re apart: make them a special playlist!

Spend time together by sharing music you both love! Here are some key elements to a the perfect love mix:

Here are some key elements to a the perfect love mix:

1. Beatles song: It doesn’t matter which one, but no one does frothy love pop like these guys did.

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2. One that makes them laugh: Maybe it’s ironic, or you have an inside joke about it — or maybe it was the song that played on your awkward first date. Just make him smile.

3. Country song: These are some of the best and most honest love songs.

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4. Classic: The obvious choice is Frank Sinatra, but any song from before 1960 will work.

5. A sappy one: Think Lionel Richie, Barry White or even Mariah Carey.

6. Your song: If you’re making him a mix, you should already have a song. Make it the last one they hear.
Websites make it easy to make playlists by giving you the music you love and the option to add a title. It’s like a modern mixtape that you can access on your phone anywhere you go!

Have a favorite song or artist you would like to recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments below so other readers can check them out!