Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How To Rock Heels Without The PainCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Tips: How To Rock Heels Without The Pain

By Haley Lerner

If you’ve ever worn high-heeled shoes, then you’re aware of the extreme discomfort the pretty things can bring. Despite the fact that heels are often extremely expensive, they typically tend to be pretty painful. But pain from high heels isn’t always temporary, and sometimes wearing them too often can result in foot damage or chronic pain. While it can help to cut back on wearing heels, we also have some fashion tips on how to make wearing gorgeous high heels painless on your date night.

Follow these fashion tips to rock heels without the pain!

1. The size is right: If you really want to avoid pain from wearing heels, then you must make sure you are actually wearing the right shoe size. Make sure to have your feet sized correctly and make sure the heels you buy aren’t too big or too small. Also, make sure you know if you have a flat foot or high-arch foot, as you may need to adjust your shoe type based on this.

2. Thicker heels: A great way to avoid pain via heels is to avoid stilettos and opt for a thicker heel. A chunkier heel will give you more stability and put less pressure on the bottom of your feet. You can also avoid thin heels by wearing platform shoes, which can be extremely comfortable.

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3. Take breaks and stretch: Sometimes, your feet really just need some relief from your heels. Throughout the day, kick off your heels and stretch out your feet. Focus on stretching your ankles and toes.

4. Shoe inserts: If you know your heels are going to cause you some pain , purchase some shoe insert pads that go under the balls of your feet to help prevent future ache. Go for ones made from silicone gel to help prevent your feet from sliding in your shoes.

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5. Carry provisions: Despite how hard you try to avoid pain from heels, it’s possible you still might end up with soreness and some blisters. Always be prepared for the discomfort by carrying band aids and ibuprofen to treat your pain.

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